What Are Gaming Chairs and Who Are They For?

Initially, gaming chairs were supposed to be eSport equipment. But that has changed. More people are using them in offices and home workstations. And they are designed to support your backside, arms, and neck during those long sitting sessions. However, this chair will not save you from the numerous health complications that may result from extensive sitting.

The first gaming seats were supposed to be part of a race car simulator, explaining why most chairs come with a bucket-seat design. You might also notice many of them recline like car seats and even come with cup holders. So, you can think of them as a car part that you can use indoors.



For a good gaming experience, you need to invest a lot in gaming hardware like the fastest computer, keyboard, and mouse. However, along with the gaming accessories, every gamer also needs to have a good seat. Even though a gaming chair is not a necessary item for gaming, many gamers prefer to use it. Whether you are gaming or working, a high-quality gaming chair will help you avoid health problems. If you use a low-quality and uncomfortable seat for a long time, you will develop back problems in the long run. You may also suffer from discomfort in your arms and legs, shoulder ache, tense neck, and headache. Other health issues might include circulatory disorders that could cause digestive problems or tingly legs. A comfortable gaming chair will help you maintain a good sitting posture while playing games or working at your desk. 


Types of Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs come in different exciting designs, and most people don’t know that until they visit a shop. Each option is designed for a specific use, and getting the wrong chair could lead to regrets.


PC Gaming Chairs

These are the seats you think of when you hear gaming chairs. Tall backrest, bucket-seat design, and armrests, all put together neatly. The adjustable armrests will keep your elbows supported at the right height, and the reclining back will allow you to take a well-deserved nap. This is what you want for an office, gaming setup, or anything else that involves sitting behind a desk.


Console gaming chairs

These are more versatile than gaming chairs and are designed with the console player in mind. Instead of wheels, console chairs usually come with a flat base that makes them surprisingly stable. In addition, most of them are L-shaped and have a rocking feature that moves the chair back and forth as you move. But, a console chair does not combine well with a desk, nor is it ergonomic.


Bean bag

This is a bag filled with foam or bread and upholstered in fabric or suede. It is supposed to make you feel cosy when sat, but it is not the most ergonomic chair you can get. That means you will have to make your gaming sessions shorter to avoid back pain and fatigue. Also, it’s almost impossible to get any meaningful work done when sitting on one of these chairs. 


A Gamer Needs A Good Chair 

As a gamer, you may be spending most of your time on your PC or your gaming console. The benefits of great gaming chairs go beyond their beauty. A gaming chair is not the same as a regular seat. They are unique as they combine special features and have an ergonomic design. You will enjoy gaming more as you will be able to play for hours without becoming tired.

A good ergonomic gaming chair has a working reclining mechanism, a padded headrest, and lumbar support, which will positively impact your health. These chairs will ease your body pain by decreasing the pressure on your neck and back. They offer support and allow you to reach the keyboard or mouse without straining your arms, shoulders, or eyes. While purchasing a gaming chair, you need to look out for the following features:



As a gamer, comfort should be your number one priority while purchasing a chair. To play games for hours, you need to be as comfortable as possible as you will be sitting in one place all the time. Ergonomics is a design principle of creating goods with human psychology. In the context of gaming chairs, this means making chairs to maintain physical wellness and enhance comfort. 

Most gaming chairs will have several ergonomic features like lumbar support pads, headrests, and adjustable armrests that will help you maintain perfect posture while sitting for long hours. Clunky chairs are uncomfortable and will lead to a sore back. If you use them, you will have to stand to stretch your body after every 30 minutes.  Read about choosing the chair for back pain here.

Ergonomics is the reason why you’re shopping for a gaming chair, so it’s a pretty big deal. You want a seat that can support your back, arms, and neck for an entire day without back pain or other issues.

An ergonomic seat will have:

  • A high level of adjustability. You want a chair that moves up or down, and your armrests should be adjustable too. This, my friend, is the secret sauce to comfort and usability in a gaming chair.

  • Lumbar support. A high-quality pillow for the spine will help users avoid back pain and other complications that come with sitting for too long. And, it also needs to be adjustable to allow personalization.

  • A high backrest. Going with a backrest with a high back helps you avoid neck fatigue. It is also a good idea to go with an option that comes with a neck pillow. This handy feature will support your head.

  • Tilt lock. This functionality allows you to change the sitting positions depending on what you’re doing at the time. 


 System Compatibility 

While purchasing a gaming seat, you have to ensure that it fits with your gaming setup. Most gaming chairs will work well with various gaming systems like the PC, PlayStation X, and Xbox One. Nevertheless, some chair styles are more suitable for console gamers, while others are tailored for PC gaming.  


Saves Space 

If you do not have much working area available, you should purchase a gaming chair that will fit well in a limited space. Be conscious of the chair's dimensions while you are browsing online. Some big gaming chairs might not fit in your bedroom or office. 



To save money, you should purchase a gaming chair that only has the features that you need. It will be useless to spend on a gaming chair with pre-installed speakers and sub-woofers if you already have a great music system.

Build Quality

You’ve probably noticed that gaming chairs are not cheap. That’s why you want to make sure your chair lasts long to avoid disappointment. And that boils down to the material used in its construction.

Ideally, you want a seat with an iron frame. You can tell this by looking at the exposed metal pieces under the seat to know what they are made of. Stay away from seats with lots of chrome pieces, as steel is not the strongest metal. The idea is to go with painted metal as it offers the best structural support.

Upholstery also plays a significant role in the overall quality of a seat. Of course, fabric and natural leather will last longer than any other materials, but you might want to know that synthetic leather can pass as the real thing, and you might end up paying a premium for it. 


Weight Capacity and Recommended Height

Every gaming chair comes with a weight and height capacity, and it’s absolutely vital to get this right. Buying the wrong chair might result in damages shortly after purchase, and most shops will not replace such products.

The metal used determines the weight your chair can handle. For example, a gaming chair made of steel will not support a 150kg user. And if it does, the chair will eventually break at the weakest point. Consider the steep price of the seat and the unrepairable nature of steel, and you’ll see why weight and height considerations are vital when shopping for a gaming chair.


What Are the Benefits of Gaming Chairs?


The fuss surrounding office chairs today seems to be slowly shifting towards gaming chairs. This poses various questions like What could be the problem with standard office chairs? Do gaming seats add more value? What is it about gaming seats that makes them so compelling and in-demand today?

Simply put, gaming seats are superior to traditional office recliners because gaming seats encourage good postures for users. The fact that modern life is sedentary primarily makes gaming chairs an attractive option. Whenever you're using regular office chairs, your spine needs to fight gravity so that your torso, head, and arms stay erect. That tension can cause the bending of your back, resulting in a slouch. When slouching gets common with time, it ends up being your normal position.

Ergonomic scientific tech implemented in gaming chairs solves this particular problem. These gaming chairs handle the job on your behalf by holding your anatomy against gravity. Its primary support is provided by a high cushioned backrest featuring the neck plus lumbar cushioning. Additional specifications include armrest, reclining modifications, and height to ensure you're in the right spot.

Individuals who spend their entire day sitting at work can significantly benefit from gaming chairs' comfort and stability features. When you adopt a good posture, you'll observe an increase in your overall health, vigour, and performance.


Features Of Gaming Chairs 

Below are the features of gaming seats that make them outstanding;


1. Top Grade Materials 

Staying for longer durations in a seat that lacks breathable mesh can be uncomfortable as it may get sweaty and sticky. PU leather that's synthetic is majorly used to manufacture gaming seats. Several producers combine the leather with permeable fabric cover. 


2. Support For Lumbar And Neck 

Gaming seats typically come with this particular feature. Do not purchase any that doesn't encompass lumbar and neck support.


Gamer's Chair: Do They Make Any Difference? 

Gaming chairs are beneficial to the well-being and health of individuals utilising them to enhance correct postures; this is important for vitality.

Ensure that you place supporting cushions at the curvature of your spine and neck when sitting on gaming seats. Adjust the recliner to a comfortable angle of between 100 to 110 degrees. After that, lie back on your backrest, your hands resting on the chair's armrest.

When your head's position is balanced atop the neck cushion and your trunk, the gaming seat absorbs the weight of your body. Simultaneously, you'll have your eyes fixed on the monitor of your personal computer. Even better, you can easily reach your keyboard and mouse.


1. Posture Improvement 

Assuming that your posture is bad, using a gaming seat will be more like attending a yoga session for the very first time. Thus, your body will start getting accustomed to the seat with time. As a result, your back, shoulders, and neck muscular structures will tense. Muscle tightness relaxes whenever individuals occupy gaming seats which can be unpleasant, especially for individuals whose bodies got used to wrong postures.

It only takes a matter of days with exercise, much like yoga, for the relaxation of the body to begin. Then you'll find a new working style that improves your health both at the computer or far from your desk. In essence, an inexpensive gaming chair can provide the ergonomics you'll require if you sit on it for a few hours daily.

For this reason, if you usually sit for long periods, then consider purchasing professional gaming seats. They are more expensive but have firmer cushioning to withstand full-time use. Both alternatives are a significant improvement over swivel office chairs.


2. Harmonious Comfort 

If you can stick it out through the beginning phase, you'll notice an improvement in the comfort quality of your sitting. As you grow used to living with the gaming chair, anticipate the following experiences:

  • Better breathing and circulation of blood.

  • Spatial and body awareness.

  • Feelings of motivation and energy when working or gaming.

  • Elevation of workplace performance attributed to comfortability.

Your body alignment, therefore, improves as you spend more time in the gaming chair. You'll enjoy your gaming and working experiences once you adopt the correct sitting posture.

The comfiness of gaming chairs will most likely make you forget that you're sitting. So whether you're programming, reading, or gaming, you can spend a substantial amount of time on these seats without realising, thanks to their ability to sufficiently support the body.


3. Using Computers At The Correct Eye Level 

One of the most significant features of today's gaming seats is their ergonomic features that allow for eye-level computing. Typically, all gaming chairs have lifts powered by gas. You can elevate or lower them to fit your requirements; this can go hand in hand with support pillows and adjustable reclining features for custom viewing.

So, whether you're leaning back for entertainment or sitting upright, you can modify your seat to maintain your preferred position with the vision of your monitor at all times. 


4. Immersive Computing Capabilities 

Immersive computing is a feature component of gaming seats. While sitting, your body will be fully immersed while enjoying the computer experience. In turn, you'll be well-positioned, relaxed, and engaged.

Moreover, gaming seats promote power stance, which means sitting up straight with a solid posture. This leads to heightened, testosterone, reduced cortisol, and sensations of strength. Studies further show that your posture impacts your mood.

Various chair types allow for different weights and body types. Therefore, double-check your fit before you settle on the one you'll purchase. Also, consider the chair's breadth and depth. Certain chairs recommend sitting cross-legged; however, this depends on your stature and the length of your legs. 


Things to Consider When Buying a Gaming Chair



To help enhance your gaming experience, numerous kinds of gaming chairs come fitted with special gaming technology. Few chairs have incredible features such as headset inputs, Bluetooth, rumble functions, and headrest speakers. Even though these are quite useful and fun features, you should never compromise on comfort. You will not want to use a gaming chair equipped with the latest technology if it causes your body discomfort. 



A good gaming chair will last for a long time. Chairs made of good quality materials are comfortable to use. The manufacturer usually specifies the padding, the cover material, and any other material they use to make the chair. 

Most high-quality gaming chairs are made of high-quality materials. Their sturdy frames can even support heavy gamers. Steel is one of the most common materials used to make these chairs resistant to corrosion and rust. 

Good padding will help the seats to maintain their shape for a long time. Gaming chairs made of leather are quite durable. 



A good ergonomic gaming chair can rotate smoothly. The swivel will allow you to reach your mouse or keyboard without straining. Plus, it should have a sturdy wheelbase and quality casters. 



Gaming chairs that come without armrests cause a lot of stress on the shoulders, leading to neck pain. You might also start experiencing wrist pain. If you want the best option, you should purchase a gaming chair that has adjustable armrests. 



Most ergonomic chairs come with backrest angle tilt adjustment. You can relax your lumbar area and reduce the strain on your lower back muscles by adjusting your backseat's angle or tilting the backseat backward with your seat. If the gaming chair's backseat reclines smoothly, you will be able to tilt it way back and lock it if necessary. This feature of a backrest is known as the reclining function. For more flexibility, you can purchase a model that you can recline up to 180 degrees. You can take a nap or even rest your back between gaming sessions with such gaming chairs. 



Gaming chairs that come with seat angle tilt adjustment will allow you to tilt the entire seat pan angle. You can reduce the strain on your tendons and muscles as such seats let you rotate your pelvis forward. These seats will help you maintain a posture that lets your pelvis support your spine's natural curvature. It is best to select a gaming seat that lets you adjust its height, depth, and width. 


User Reviews

What are people saying about the particular brand you have in mind? Are there tons of complaints, or are people happy? This information should guide your purchase by pointing you in the right direction. The idea is to identify a brand that offers quality gaming chairs at an affordable price.

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