Gaming Chair size guide

Video Gaming is becoming very popular these days. Learning new skills, health benefits, and social interactions are the main factors contributing to popular video games. 



Video gaming performance depends on the reaction speed of the players. The reaction speed for different players depends on the skills and comfort when playing. Gaming chair naturally affects the performance as they affect the convenience of the individuals, especially when the game turns into a heated battle.

The environment and chair-size ( fitting individual body sizes) mostly contribute to the players' comfort and contribute to video gaming performance. 

When buying the right size gaming chair and looking for your perfect chair, many factors are to consider. Whether you need the chair for gaming, office work, or use at home, the size of the chair plays an important role in your comfort as all of us have different body sizes.

The wrong choice when it comes to size may affect your health. Gaming chairs that are too high may cause tiredness put pressure on your thigh and sciatic nerve, causing discomfort at the pain. On the other hand, gaming chairs that are too low may disrupt blood circulation and pressure organs which may cause discomfort. 

Ergonomic chairs from brands such as APOL Singapore contribute to a healthy life for people who spend many hours on their desks. These best chairs feature user-focused designs, with manufacturers producing various sizes to accommodate individuals with all these measurements.

The multiple chairs designed for all sizes of gamers vary greatly. 

Video games, like any other activities done when seated, can be played by;


Short and small-sized individuals

Petite individuals with a small body such as a group of growing teenage guys, girls, and women whose Height ranges between 150cm- 165cm. They are not too short to struggle to look for a small chair to fit their sizes.

When designing gaming chairs, designers consider this group to enable comfortable and healthy gaming. 


Average height guys

Average height people are a group of growing teenage guys, girls, and petite women whose Height range between 165cm to 190cm- 190cm.

They are not too short to struggle to look for a chair to fit their sizes. Designers consider the group when designing gaming chairs for comfortable and healthy gaming.



Basic Gaming Chair Sizes

Bearing in mind that different body-sized individuals engage in online gaming, chair manufacturers produce chairs of various sizes for all users.There are three main categories of gaming chair sizing guides.

These are small, medium, and large. A combination of several factors determines the size category of a particular chair.The majority of gaming chairs available in the market are for the average-sized user. But, the definition of an average person differs from one region to the other.

Below is a highlight of the various chair sizes. 



Gaming Chairs For Big And Tall Users

Like for gaming chair petite users, big-bodied gaming chair users need a special design for their chairs. Too short and narrow gaming chairs can harm tall and big-bodied users. Big bodied individual requires; 


Seats to handle a great weight capacity

 Big and tall individuals require Big or tall gaming chairs. That is why these gaming chairs offer you a more roomy design. APOL's Behemoth series is their most spacious chair yet. The plush seats also handle a greater weight capacity to ensure the gamer's safety.

A large gaming chair can withstand the heaviest gamers and still offer comfort. You can choose from a variety of designs, each with different features. The choice depends on individual physical body type and personal preferences, such as the need to lean back or stretch out your back.


Seat to handle their Height

While selecting the big-bodied gamers' chairs, Height is a factor to consider. Ideally, the gamer should choose a chair to make them sit with their feet on the ground or on the footrest.

This seat will allow the big and tall gamers to sit comfortably without applying pressure on their thighs which could affect the blood supply to their legs.


Backrest width and Height

Big and tall individuals require a tall gaming chair to support the cervical spine. The tall gaming chair will keep the neck and head of the gamer, allowing long gaming time without back or neck pain. 

Buying the best seat will help the gamer enjoy all the back support benefits. Individuals with big bodies should avoid narrow backrests for better performance.

Gamers should choose the right seat with Backrest dimensions approximately the same height and width of their body.

The main considerations are backrest seat width, maximum weight capacity, gaming chair seat space, and seat depth. Lastly, you will have to consider enough room to manoeuvre around.


Gaming Chairs For Petite Users

APOL offers the Sphinx series that features a smaller design for petite users. Chairs for Petite users accommodate users of petite stature because standard sizes are too big for them. These chairs have a;


Shorter backrest height

When petite users sit on a standard chair, their hips curl forward rather than tucking deep into the backrest. Such individuals experience pain in their Lumbar spine and discomfort during video gaming.


Narrower seat depth

The perfect seat depth determines how long the gamer will sit. It is the length between the back of the buttocks and the back of the knees. Narrow seat depth is recommended for petite gamers because wide seat depth makes their hip curl forward and forces an overly sharp drop of their thighs. Such chair sizes make the gamer feel relaxed, avoid sitting-related fatigues and related diseases, and stay sited for long periods.


Shallower seat pan

Petite users prefer using a shallow seat pan. Seats with deep depth may hinder proper blood circulation when used by short people. The leg will be dangling off the floor, thus applying pressure on the lower thigh. The pressure will prevent proper blood circulation, causing thigh pain and discomfort. Lightweight gamers can use the chair.


Gaming Chairs For Average Users

The Height and seat width can make the seat more harmful than helpful if poorly selected. With that in mind, average-sized individuals should choose a standard-sized chair.

The most common gaming chair is the standard size of most gaming chairs because they accommodate various heights and widths.


Seat height 

A seat height ranging from 18-22 cm from the floor is recommendable for standard users. The best thing with the Height is that the user can adjust the seat to fit properly to their needs.

Average users need not use too short and too tall gaming chairs, as they may lead to negative health problems like pain and discomfort.


Seat depth

Like short people, a gaming chair may affect the users' blood circulation. Standard-sized gamers should look for a standard chair whose depth ensures they are not hanging off the floor to avoid adverse health issues and discomfort.

But, no matter your height or weight range, ergonomic adjustments are built in the chair to accommodate your needs. These will ensure that you're seated more comfortably on your chair.

The Kraken series offered by APOL is the most popular model as the chair users can accustom the chair to suit their needs.


Factors To Consider When Choosing A Gaming Chair


When you're shopping for clothes, finding the right size is easy. You know your measurements and can buy new items without too much inquiry.

But all that changes when it comes to finding the right size gaming chair. We buy gaming chairs less often than clothing.

As a result, choosing a comfortable one and having a perfect gaming chair size becomes more difficult.

Finding a perfect chair is not easy. Therefore, APOL encourages you to visit their showroom to try out their gaming chairs before purchasing. Below are some of the factors to consider when choosing gaming chairs. 



Weight Capacity & Recommended Chair Height 

Various elements determine the category in which the best gaming chair falls in terms of size. In addition to weight, Chair Height is another factor in choosing gaming furniture. Chair Height plays a key role in defining a chair physically and in functionality. If the chair's backrest is shorter than your body, it will affect your posture. You may try to support the back with pillows, but that won't help in such a case.



Poor posture contributes to many health issues like back and neck pain. Having the correct chair height is important. With that in mind, you will realize how big chair will affect your gaming performance.

Likewise, the floor to gaming chair seat height should correspond to the user's Height. A high seat-to-floor range will leave your feet dangling instead of stepping on the floor.

Dangling your feet for long periods is not only uncomfortable but may also cause them to swell. An uncomfortable posture will affect your productivity. Discomforting posture will cause the chair's functions to become irrelevant despite the investment. When buying a gaming chair, it's advisable to buy the one that can handle the individual maximum weight capacity.

Selecting a chair that can handle big weight will prevent damage to the gaming chair and ensure comfortability when playing.

For individuals with great weight, an extra heavy gauge steel can be used to support the chair. You should buy chairs with higher weight limits than your weight.




For better health and faster reaction in gaming, wrist support is essential. When buying a gaming chair, the gamer should choose the best gaming chair with a well-built armrest that ensures wrist support. 

It's advisable to buy Gaming chairs with an adjustable armrest. Adjustable armrests enable the gamer to adjust the gaming chair to a more comfortable Height.



Comfortability is the key to winning in gaming. The type of coverage to the chair plays a major role in ensuring comfortability regardless of the inner frame. PU leather covers Most chairs. The chair's breathability, comfortability, and sweat-preventing chair covering are factors to consider when buying a gaming chair.



Different gaming chairs have different prices. Individual gamers should consider the cost of the chair to buy what fits their financial position. Real leather is costly and can provide similar services with cheap PU leather and other gaming chairs. 



A gaming seat that fits the size of your body will ensure a comfortable and fast reaction in gaming. 


Buy The Right Size

Designers strive to ensure that the needs from petite to big-bodied users are all well taken care of. Larger individual gamers might want to buy a wider gaming chair with armrests to support their legs and backs. 

If the gaming chair seat width isn't wide enough, they could end up being uncomfortable in many ways. The edge of seats could dig into their bodies, or the armrest could cause them unnecessary discomfort.

So having optimal seat width and optimal seat depth is crucial.The best gaming chairs are comfortable and supportive, but the chair is only worth it if you choose a chair size that fits your body type. 

Petite physique users who sit on a big chair, for example, the Behemoth, will miss out on many ergonomic benefits such as better blood circulation or increased productivity due to strain relief. 


Benefits Of Using The Right Gaming Chair Size


Enhances Comfort

A gaming chair should provide the best possible experience with comfortable sitting for long hours. They have a wide variety of features that allow you to adjust your position and movement. 

Your leg, back, hips, neck, and other body parts need to be properly supported. Right chair size ensures proper support to the body parts.


Prevent slouching

A good-sized gaming chair helps prevent the gamers from sitting in a droopy way. In addition, the gaming chair will ensure that the spine is naturally curving inwards, allowing proper posture, thus preventing muscle-related injuries stress on the back, neck, or shoulders. 


Hip Pain Reliever

Improper posture during gaming may lead to more pressure on the hips. Wrong chair size may result in hip pain and reduced leg functionality.

Gaming chair features may prevent pressure from concentrating at one point. The pressure may also occur when we sit for too long without a change in posture, which may cause us pain and injury from a rigid chair seat.


Improvements in Blood Circulation

The ergonomic design also helps with circulation because it improves blood flow. Gaming chairs reduce fatigue so that users enjoy enhanced comfort even after spending hours or days on the chair. They effectively support our spine and all other bones with their natural curves. 

Poor chair size may lead to a blood clot and thus, affect the normal blood circulation systems. Gamers' legs may go numb or swell, which may require medical attention.


Improved Work Productivity

When the gamers choose the size of the gaming chair wisely to fit their needs, they experience more and better results. Comfortable seats will make the users' minds function properly. 


 Final Word

The article above has discussed the benefits of video games and factors contributing to video gaming performance. The report has addressed the size requirement of different individual body measurements and their benefits. The article has provided gamers with tips to follow when buying a chair.

A gaming chair can be harmful or beneficial, depending on the size. While gaming chairs should offer the most comfort, they need careful configurations to be effective. Well configured chairs offer relief without feeling the negative effects when sitting for long hours.

 New users should always follow the user chair guide to help them purchase quality goods. Failure to do so may end up loss the ergonomic benefits of the chair. Check out for the best collection of ergonomic chairs.