Standing desks have risen in popularity over the years.
As a company previously selling ergonomically designed chairs, we understand the importance of standing desks in promoting more comfortable working experiences.
With this in mind, we launched Levodesk. Taking your sitting experience up a notch, it is a tier above the average desk. Here are some reasons why standing desks are so beneficial. 


1. Comfort

With work from home increasing in commonness, comfort is a factor that many would prioritise.

Many of us may experience back aches or simply just lethargy from sitting at a desk for extended periods of time, staring at the computer screen.

Being both a sitting and standing desk, there is increased movement for individuals to engage in, either working while standing, or working while sitting.

In addition, the simple shift in position promotes blood flow and proper circulation, thereby optimising one’s health and allowing one to have a more comfortable sitting experience. 


2. Improves posture 

With Levodesk’s adjustable function, one can increase or decrease the table height in accordance with their height.

As such, individuals do not have to strain their backs or necks while working, and the computer screen will be at their eye level.

This promotes the improvement of one’s posture. The customised height of the table will inadvertently cause one to stand with their tailbone tucked in, shoulders pushed back, and head held high- The facets of good posture. 


3. Reduces wrist aches 

While not many may notice this, when we sit at our desks and type on our computers, our wrists tend to fall and “rest” on the keyboard.

This can lead to wrist pain and strain. It is vital to be cognizant of one’s wrist position and strain on the body while working at the desk.

With a standing desk, one can keep their arms comfortably bent at the ergonomically viable position. This has been said to improve typing speeds too! 


4. Improves health 

Being less sedentary, standing while working, has been said to burn more calories than that of sitting.

Standing burns 100-120 calories per hour, while sitting burns 60-120 calories. Moreover, when standing up, one is more likely to move about.

Whether it is doing leg lifts or slight movements around the desk area, these little shifts in activity helps one burn more calories and improve one’s health. 


5. Raises productivity levels

The little shifts and movements while standing inevitably increase one’s energy levels, which in return, improves one’s attitude towards work.

Productivity levels are boosted. Especially at a workplace, workers’ attitudes are important.

An overall rise in energy and positivity towards work is valuable and can improve relationships between co-workers. 

With all these benefits of standing desks laid out for you, you can now contemplate less about buying a standing desk. It promises comfort, improves your posture and health, and boosts your productivity. We launched Levodesk to meet the health and comfort needs of individuals, and we hope that you will embark on this journey with us.