In an unprecedented partnership, the world of espionage collides with ergonomic lifestyle furniture as SPY x FAMILY joins forces with APOL to create an exclusive collection of gaming chairs. Embracing the thrilling narrative of espionage, the collection is designed to provide superior comfort and support, ensuring that users can focus on their missions with ease.

Set in an era of fierce information warfare between the nations of Ostania and Westalis, SPY x FAMILY follows the story of Twilight, an exceptional spy from Westalis. Tasked with a top-secret mission to monitor Desmond, a key figure from Ostania, Twilight must infiltrate the social circle at the prestigious school where Desmond's son attends. However, fate has a twist in store for Twilight as he meets a telepathic daughter, Anya and marries an assassin wife, Yor each hiding their true identities. As they establish their family, the peace of the world rests in their hands.

The SPY x FAMILY APOL AEVUM Gaming Chair Collection features five exquisite chairs, showcasing this family.


SPY x FAMILY APOL AEVUM Loid Forger Edition


The Loid Forger chair is a sleek and innovative design that pays homage to the enigmatic agent Twilight. Its black, sage green, red, and white colors beautifully reflect Twilight’s iconic suit and gloves, while the captivating back portrays him in action. Adorned with masterful embroidery, Twilight leaps into action, his deft fingers clutching a gun amidst a symphony of bullets and grenades. Crafted from sumptuous PU leather, the chairs boasts finely sewn threads that elevate its aesthetic allure. This seat envelops you in ultimate comfort, delivering ergonomic bliss fit for you.

SPY x FAMILY APOL AEVUM Anya Forger Edition



Introducing the Anya Forger chair: a delightful blend of pink, brown, and yellow, mirroring the colors of Anya's cherished school uniform and her hair. The back of the chair is adorned with endearing embroidery of a peanut, penguin, and Chimera— symbolic of her favorite snacks and toys.The splendid chair crafted with the finest PU leather is set apart because of the enchanting stars decorating its sides, carefully sewn with intricate detail. And there's more! The back boasts exquisite embroidery too that perfectly complements the chair's overall allure, making it utterly desirable and captivating to the eye.


SPY x FAMILY APOL AEVUM Yor Forger Edition



The Yor Forger chair is a striking combination of black and red, embodying the essence of an extremely skilled assassin. The back, where a mesmerizing tapestry reveals Yor in her element, executing her deadly craft with chilling grace. Every weapon she wields, masterfully sewn, surrounds her in a captivating display of artistry in action. PU leather forms the canvas for this masterpiece, its threads skillfully woven to elevate the chair's allure. The chair offers unparalleled comfort, cradling you in ergonomic bliss. This seat is a symbol of intrigue for you. 


SPY x FAMILY APOL AEVUM Bond Forger Edition



The Bond Forger chair is an adorable blend of gray and white, capturing the essence of Bond, the lovable dog rescued by Anya. The front of the chair showcases the iconic bow worn by Bond, intricately embroidered on the backrest and seat base. A charming addition that adds a touch of intrigue to the PU leather that the chair is made of. The back of the chair proudly displays the embroidery of Bond's adorable depiction. This is a testament to the heartwarming bond formed with the Forger family. Bond becomes an endearing and cherished member of the Forgers.


SPY x FAMILY APOL AEVUM The Forgers Edition


The Forgers chair showcases a harmonious design, a blend of vibrant colors which symbolizes the uniqueness of each character, Loid, Anya, and Yor. The back of the chair is decorated with delightful embroidery of the Forgers, celebrating the bond and unity that they share. As the Forgers chair, it stands as a demonstration of love, strength, and togetherness—a fitting tribute to the extraordinary anime, SPY x FAMILY.



SPY x FAMILY APOL Cooling Gel Memory Foam Lumbar Pillow Collection


Discover the fantastic range of four unique SPY x FAMILY collection lumbar pillows: Penguin Edition, Peanut Edition, Wise Edition, and Classic Edition. Not only are these pillows soft, will conform to your body and visually appealing, but they also have removable covers! Wash them hassle-free and keep things clean. What makes them even more charming is the intricate embroidery, showcasing the unique characters they represent. Embrace comfort and convenience with these special pillows, each designed to elevate your relaxation experience.


SPY x FAMILY APOL Desk Mat Collecton



Discover the captivating SPY x FAMILY collection featuring three delightful desk mats: SPY x FAMILY Anya Forger Edition, SPY x FAMILY Blue Edition, and SPY x FAMILY Pastel Edition. These desk mats are carefully designed with a perfect blend of colors and patterns that showcase the beautiful drawings of the main characters. Small details associated with the characters are also featured such as peanuts, penguins, Chimera, and Bond's Paws. Each desk mat is made with premium quality materials and is a wonderful combination of creativity and functionality. Bringing joy to your workspace while celebrating the beloved characters from SPY x FAMILY and also providing protection for your desk tops.


APOL: Where Ergonomics and Luxury Converge

A prominent expert in ergonomic lifestyle furnishings, APOL takes pride in crafting gaming chairs that offer unparalleled comfort and customisation. Each chair in the SPY x FAMILY Collection is equipped with APOL's cutting-edge ergonomic features, ensuring the perfect sitting experience for every user. The SPY x FAMILY Collection by APOL invites fans and furniture enthusiasts alike to embark on an exhilarating adventure that merges the thrilling world of  espionage with ergonomic luxury. 

 About APOL

APOL, founded in 2019, is a renowned specialist in selling ergonomic lifestyle furniture, with a primary focus on creating chairs designed to cater to the users' best interests. With customer satisfaction as the top priority, each product is meticulously crafted after thorough research to ensure it is not only highly beneficial but also deeply cherished by customers. Over the years, APOL's dedication to quality and innovation has earned them the trust of more than 20,000 customers, who have provided overwhelming positive reviews. APOL's exceptional gaming chairs have been recognized as one of the best in Singapore, earning nominations for the prestigious HardwareZone Tech Awards. Additionally, APOL has received acclaim from reputable sources such as The Smart Local, Geek Culture, Hardwarezone, Asia One and  Yahoo, solidifying their position as one of the leading brands in the industry.