Ever wish your tables could similarly, like your, adjust in height?

Introducing Levodesk, our new height adjustable standing desk and a centrepiece for your workspace.

It comes in two variations, the Izara wood collection and Rex Stone collection. Built with outstanding technology and incredible strength, it is definitely built to last.



As mentioned, the Levodesk comes in two variations. Coming in grey, light brown, and dark brown, the neutral tones of these pieces match any room of any sort of colour or decoration. 


Sleek and quiet 

The Levodesk operates at less than 50 decibels. Hence, the swift and quiet movements of the desk do not produce any trace of noise.

It moves up and down quietly, blending in with the almost silent environment of the workplace. Furthermore, the column gap is designed to be 0.05mm, the optimal setting for the column’s stages to move smoothly and quietly.

As such, the desk is compatible with work environments. It does not cut the stillness and stagnancy of the workplace, which adds to the professionalism of the workplace. 


Spacious and strong 

The Levodesk has a relatively big space to hold any items, such as bulky ones.

Its reinforced solid carbon steel T-shaped legs are strong supports for the heaviest desk set-ups of up to a weight of 120kg.

At the workplace, especially offices, the sight of stacks of files and papers, computers, monitors, as well as spewing wires is ubiquitous. These items are relatively heavy, but the desk is built for that.


Adds to a more playful and vibrant workspace 

One is able to sit and stand at the Levodesk. While we mostly see people at a workplace sitting down, why not add some energy and fun while working?

Moreover, one can play around with the handset to adjust its height, ranging from 64 to 129cm. By standing at the Levodesk, individuals have an increased autonomy to move about and focus better.

This will help increase workplace productivity and simply improves mood. 


Compatible with any chair 

Given its adjustable function, be it a movable, stationary, tall, or short chair, the Levodesk is able to accommodate any sort of chair.

As such, you need not worry about purchasing a new chair. This adds to the convenience of having a Levodesk.

Especially at a workplace, where convenience and comfort is prioritised, the desk enables individuals to retain their own chairs of choice while at the same time enjoy the functions of the desk. 


Choosing a desk that suits our height and comfort needs may be a tiresome process for some. Let Levodesk take you a step towards a more comfortable sitting experience. Setting the standard for what all adjustable standing desks should be, it promises sustainability and sophistication, and will definitely not disappoint you.