Choosing to work from home is convenient and easy. However, it can also be distracting and uncomfortable if you don't have a designated work space. Besides having a quiet corner, a fast internet connection, comfortable setting, you need a suitable office chair.

A good office chair will help maintain posture. Hence you must find a comfortable office chair that will help you maintain your posture and provide lumbar support.

This post will help you find the ideal seat.

What is Ergonomics, and Why is it Crucial?

Ergonomics is the science of fitting the job to the person. The goal is to achieve ideal working conditions where the worker is physically and mentally at ease. Ergonomics reduces lost time and money due to injuries or fatigue from repetitive motion, work-related musculoskeletal disorders, and job dissatisfaction.

One cannot ignore the importance of physical ergonomics since it can help prevent injuries and ailments. A comfortable office chair helps prevent back, neck, and shoulders when working. Similarly, finding suitable desk chairs for your home office matters.

Focus on the office chair features that help prevent strain on the spine and muscles due to sitting for long hours. An ergonomic chair, like any good office chair, can help reduce pain, stiffness, and discomfort from prolonged sitting.

Additionally, they provide better blood circulation. A good ergonomic chair is similar to the best office chairs. They have features that support proper posture and spinal alignment while working at a desk.

Therefore, an ergonomic WFH chair is essential to maximize productivity. You may have to spend a little more money for a branch ergonomic chair, but it is worth it in the long run.

Top Reasons Why You Need a Good Chair for Home Office Needs

The best office chair is the one you can comfortably sit on for hours without feeling pain or discomfort. Elements such as seat height matter, though often ignored. Below are the top reasons you must prioritize finding great work from home chair.

a. To Increase Efficiency and Productivity: The right office chair translates to better focus and concentration. On the other hand, pain and discomfort are distracting. Pay attention to small details such as seat height, and always consider the task chair you buy. All ergonomic office chairs will increase efficiency. Just be sure to consider elements such as seat depth when buying office chairs for your home.

b. To Guarantee Durability: The best office chairs will not come cheap. Take time to investigate and gauge what you need vs. the quality on offer. Only settle for the best your money can afford. Never compromise quality for cost because this interferes with the chair's ability to last long. High-quality office chairs must survive long enough before replacing them.

So what should a good WFH chair be like? It must be comfortable and offer appropriate support to users. Now that you understand the need to settle for high-end office chairs, even at home, you need to know what such a seat looks like. Regardless of the design differences, all great chairs have a few things in common. These are the factors you must consider.

  • Ability to keep your feet flat when sitting on it

  • Ability to provide a small gap between the back of the knee and the chair's front edge

  • Ability to allow the knee to be slightly lower than the hip level. The chair's lumbar support may influence this.

  • Ability to accommodate position changes. Always factor in the seat angle adjustment.

It is essential to get a good ergonomic chair. Focus on lumbar support to avoid muscle strain and pressure. Proper ergonomic support enhances body posture and promotes excellent blood circulation. Best home office chairs help improve comfort and minimize pain.

Key points you need to consider while investing in a new ergonomic chair for WFH:

adjustable lumbar support

It's essential to determine your budget when purchasing an ergonomic office chair. We recommend starting with a price range and then finding an office chair that fits within the range.

For example, suppose you're looking for a new office chair that costs $400 or less. In that case, you will find many great options in categories such as mid-back task chairs, high-back executive chairs, mesh task chairs, fabric task chairs, ergonomic stools, visitor chairs, wheeled task chairs, contoured seat back stools, locking tilt stools, footrests, and anti-slip mats.

Below are some of the most important elements to pay attention to when scouting for the right office chairs.

Determine your Budget:

The best chair for work from home is not cheap. Set aside some cash to get the right support and adjustable features. Fortunately, there is something for everyone as long as you have a realistic budget. The cost of the seat depends on your needs and comfort. The seat's material also influences the cost.

If all you need is comfort and have a tight budget, a seat made with a mesh backrest like most office chairs will work great. A breathable mesh material seat costs less than other alternatives. In comparison, a professional leather seat is elegant, long lasting but might cost more. Besides the material consideration, additional features such as an adjustable headrest or armrest may attract a hefty price tag.

Consider the Back Support Features

Besides costs, you also need to consider other important factors when scouting the appropriate office chair. For instance, your priority should be getting sufficient support. Always look for an office chair that offers optimal sitting position support.

Ergonomic chairs offer multiple support points. The support is a full base to ensure one gets exceptionally comfortable. In most cases, these chairs are reclining and come with adjustable arms, neck support, and lumbar support. The chairs come with several adjustable features that allow users to set a position that works for them. 

Your go-to chair must be specially designed to accommodate all your vital needs. For instance, pay attention to the chair's shape. Waterfall chair designs are preferred because they offer better support and promote excellent working posture. They have a slight downward slope that is great when leaning forward as it increases the thigh and knee support. Consequently, these chairs prevent accumulated pressure and enhance equal weight distribution.

Additionally, good head and arm support are crucial for people working for an extended period. The armrest height must allow your arms to fit and rest at the keyboard position. Your office chair should thus be convenient enough to prevent shrugging your shoulders. Consider chairs with foldable armrests or those that automatically adjust to suit your needs and height. Many office chairs come with adjustable armrests to complete the comfortable seating experience.

You need the right seat height and head and armrest. The seat height is personal, depending on one's height. Ignoring the height issue can be detrimental as it not only triggers discomfort but also causes health complications. 

So how does one determine the right height for a seat? Check for a chair that feels comfortable to sit on and one that has a good seat depth. This may mean trying it out at the store before purchasing. Ensure that your feet do not feel any pressure on the upper feet or the toes whenever your foot touches the floor.

Your choice of office chair is incomplete if you do not consider the material. Searching for a basic gaming chair or professional chair for work from home can be overwhelming. The numerous brands available in the market do not make it any easy.

Most chairs available on the market today are made of different materials. One of the most common is the mesh seat which offers a variety of designs and styles. You can also opt for leather or fabric seats since they make equally good office chairs.

Material is key when selecting chairs for home use. Your focus should be on finding a comfortable back office chair whose material is easy to maintain. It may take time, but it is worth it.

The Type of Chair:

Now that you know what matters when selecting working seats, find the type of chair that suits your needs. Fortunately, there is a variety of work chair for home use. Below are some of the best WFH chair recommendations-


With about $398.00, or 3 payments of $132.67, you can get these fantastic chairs for home use. They come with several advantages, including:

  • Help boost comfort, making it the best office chair choice. 

  • The sphinx is more compact

  • Allow users to put their feet on the ground while rocking gently. 

  • It is ideal for those who worry about blood flow when sitting for long periods.


Kraken seat

This is an ergonomically designed seat. The seat is built for medium-sized individuals. Thanks to the memory foam/ cold cure foam mix, it offers enhanced support. It delivers the following:

  • Enhanced support that takes the shape of the user

  • It comes with a pillow that maintains its shape

  • It offers superior comfort because of its ergonomic design

  • It comes with a long-lasting adjustable lumbar support

  • Made of PU leather and available in fossil grey


This is an incredible choice for people who need spacious seats. It offers a series of seats to choose from the collection at $398. Its ergonomic design provides optimal body support since it takes the curve of one's own body. The seat's most exciting features include:

  • Ability to support the user's back and offer maximum comfort

  • Available in charcoal color and made of PU leather

  • It offers wide spaces and a full-length reclining backrest making it extremely comfortable

  • It comes with a foam head and lumbar pillow

Prioritize essential features:

The best ergonomic office home chairs have specific features that stand out. Regardless of the design or style you choose, these seats should have the following features.

Lumbar support:

Lumbar support is crucial since it offers much-needed support and comfort when working. Lumbar support is a response and solution offered to people suffering from back pain by ergonomic science. The adjustable lumbar support should be one of the factors you pay attention to when selecting the right chair.

The lumbar is the lower back region that encompasses the five vertebrae between the diaphragm and sacrum attached to the pelvis. Lumbar support refers to the part of furniture that ensures this lower back area is comfortable.

Dedicated/ great lumbar support is possible thanks to the lumbar pillows. Manufacturers insert these in specific areas in the chair back where one needs extra support for comfort. Its built-in breathable mesh backrest supports this region without being uncomfortable from accumulated perspirations. It works on the principle of maintaining the spinal cord's natural curve using the adjustable backrest feature.

Wheel Base:

Ergonomic chairs offer numerous adjustments to support the optimal comfort and back elevation. Consequently, they need a strong base for this to happen. It is even more important if the chair is a recliner since it must flex to accommodate such adjustments.

Most ergonomic seats have strong wheelbases. This helps boost comfort, especially for heavy users who may need more support.


The fabric is a significant consideration when choosing ergonomic seats for home use. You should find a material that will last long since the best office chair does not come cheap. It is only fair that it lasts long and serves you more. Consider available material options, including fabric, mesh and leather.


A fully adjustable seat is flexible, and users can customize it per their needs. All this works because of the level of adjustability allowed in ergonomic seats. An excellent work from the home seat prioritizes the level of adjustability, so opt for the best adjustable chair available. This feature is even more crucial in recliners. Watch out for how long they can be adjusted. Some seats offer up to 180% adjustability, while others are lower. Ask for professional guidance if you are unsure about what you want.

Swivel Base:

Swivel bases will improve comfort by allowing extra movement. You do not have to worry about making awkward movements when using the office chair.


Buy your seat from reliable suppliers/ manufacturers. Find out if there are any guarantees and return policies. A good warranty proves that the company is confident about its product and is willing to fix/ replace it in case of issues. The Herman Miller chair is a great example.

Availability of parts:

You need to get a chair that will not be problematic to repair. Its parts should be easy to find when needed. After all, it is cheaper to fix the seat than to buy a new one.

Can Accommodate heavy Users:

Not all seats are created equally. Choose a comfortable office chair that can accommodate a larger capacity if needed.

Top office chair accessories available:

A task chair may not come with all accessories. Most people have to buy additional accessories. Some include:


This is an affordable armrest and great addition. It will undoubtedly improve your ergonomic position. It is made of recycled plastic and is light in weight. Getting one is wise if your chair does not have adjustable armrests.


This is excellent for adjusting your chair's height to match your desk height. They're small and lightweight, hence flexible. A gas lift enhances seat height and dramatically impacts productivity.


Help adjust the angle of the seat and promote blood flow where necessary. They help tilt the front of the chair forward and backward. Consequently, the lower back pressure decreases, and posture is enhanced, thus promoting better blood flow.


It is an excellent accessory to help minimize odors and dirt from your seat. The fabric cleaner helps with optimal moisture protection as it adds an extra protective layer to your seats.


This is an excellent alternative for cleaning your leather chairs. It helps combat dirt, foul odors, and moisture.


Working from home should be a good experience. Always go for ergonomic seats if you want the best comfort when working. This may mean spending more time researching the office chairs.

The good news is that you can always find the best chairs in Singapore if you know where to look. Pay attention to all the ergonomic features when choosingto buy office chairs or when you need a comfortable chair for working from home.