We all know that sitting at a desk for long periods is bad for your back and spine. But do you know that it's also bad for your mental health? Sitting slouched-over with poor posture without proper support will stress you out. Our sitting posture does affect both our physical and mental health. We can have good sitting posture and reduce the negative effects by using an ergonomic office chair

If you're not conscious about your posture during the day, then it could lead to negative implications. The tension results in high blood pressure, increased heart rate, depression, anxiety, and irritability. It's important to take care of yourself by eating healthy, sitting well, and exercising. The daily habits of sitting right and the ability to maintain good posture will help you to become more productive and reduce many possible health risks.



Sitting positions for good posture

Sit with a straight back and shoulders to will help to main proper back support. This will also make you feel more confident. The correct sitting position is important when your body weight is distributed evenly.

Sitting in front of a computer, working in an office or simply just relaxing can be good for your health if you have a proper ergonomic chair.

Sitting for too long can cause negative effects like such as back pain if the sitting position is not correct. We will explain what good posture means and how to achieve it in this article.



How To Sit At Your Desk Correctly

Some useful quick tips to help improve your posture if you have been sitting in front of a computer for long hours. Poor posture affects people from all walks of life.  But the problem has become more visible over recent years. 

This is due to sedentary lifestyles caused by technological advances. Devices like laptops may be creating new muscle imbalances in our bodies. It is our responsibility to ensure that we practice good sitting habits for our benefit.  This blog post will give you tips on how to avoid back pain and be aware of your posture.


Things to Consider When Buying a Gaming Chair



Keep Your Feet Flat On The Floor

It's a common habit for people to cross their legs and sit on them. This can lead to some serious health problems. Crossed-leg sitting prevents proper blood flow. The habit may also lead to long-term problems like varicose veins or hemorrhoids.

Make a habit of keeping your feet well-grounded in a right angle position is important. An alternative to enhance comfort while seated would be a footrest. This simple accessory props up the feet on an incline to give you a relaxed feeling. The footrest will ensure that your feet don't end up in cramps after too much leg crossing.


Move Frequently

Don't sit in the same position for hours on end. Make sure you change your posture once in a while or every half hour. This will allow muscles to rest and stretch them to loosen the tension. That will prevent nerve and muscle fatigue. When you are in the same position for too long, your back starts to feel tired and sore. You may even experience severe pain or numbness due to this build-up of stress on your spine.



Support Your Back

You may not realize it, but your chair could be the source of back pain. To prevent back pain, adjust your chair so that you get full support from your lower back.  You should feel relax and in control when sitting that way for long periods. Get a chair with adjustable height and tilt settings to suit your needs.



A well-adjusted office chair reduces the strain on your back and lowers the risk of injury. Consider an office chair that comes with height and back adjustment. The chair should also tilt to find a comfort level for yourself. Position your knees slightly lower than your hips while seated. You may use a footrest to achieve this position with ease by placing your feet flat on the floor.



Pull Your Shoulders Backwards

Pulling our shoulders back as opposed to rounding them forward has many advantages. This includes avoiding lower-back aches caused by sitting too long without moving around.

Pulling your shoulder blades back will prevent your chest from bulging out.  You'll avoid unwanted pain in the lower part of your spine that is common after long hours of desk work.

This will help relieves the tension as it creates a stable base from which muscles pull up towards the ribs. This builds support for other parts like the neck or head area when hunching over a computer screen all day. 



Use Ergonomic Support Accessories

It is important to maintain a neutral posture while sitting at your desk. Long periods of poor posture may also lead to bad sitting habits.

There are ergonomic accessories available that promote proper sitting etiquette and help build better ergonomic sitting practices and support. Use ergonomic office chairs with adjustable features such as headrests and lumbar support for enhanced safety and comfort to your head, shoulders and spine.

A lumbar support pillow goes a long way in supporting your spine. It forces you into the correct position every time you sit down. The pillow also helps to combat fatigue in the back area.


Keep Your Head High And Straight

Do you ever feel like your eyes get tired and your neck is strained from looking down at a computer screen? Keep your head upright with the ears aligned to the shoulders.

Tilting too far forward or backward can create unnecessary stress on the neck. Be conscious that the screen should be at eye level so as not to hunch over it and put pressure on your neck muscles. This pressure may lead to weariness after hours of work and reduced productivity.


The Benefits Of Maintaining A Good Posture While At Work

Good posture is essential to a healthy life. By promoting good spine alignment, you can reduce back and neck pain and improve blood flow. Good posture at work leads to an increased sense of happiness and productivity. Besides, better moods go along with good posture because your vertebrae are not under pressure or strain.  Strained vertebrae will lead to injury, in turn reducing productivity. 

A proper sitting posture is important in any setting, whether at school, home, or office. If you adopt poor postures, there will likely be negative repercussions on your well-being. The negative effects will also trickle down to those surrounding you. Poor postures not only causes physical pain and discomfort but also has the potential to impact one’s mental state negatively. It is essential for office workers and professionals in all areas to maintain a good posture at work. You should also practice good posture habits while at home, as your wellbeing matters wherever you are. Visit https://apol.sg/ for high-quality ergonomic chairs. 


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