The term ergonomics is thrown around a lot these days, but what does it really mean? Ergonomics is the study of people's efficiency in working environments, or in this case gaming environments.

There are several factors that determine a fantastic, comfortable, and efficient gaming environment. Perhaps the most important aspect is the person's gaming chair. Without the proper gaming chair, the player may get easily distracted, uncomfortable, and be unable to develop good posture. Overall this makes for a bad gaming environment and could be the difference between having a good and bad playing experience.

That's why we have created the perfect guide for discovering how gaming chair ergonomic works and discussing the most important factors for finding and optimizing the best ergonomic gaming or office chair for you. We will go over the different materials, fabrics, adjustments, and support ergonomic chairs offer. We will also talk about how to get the most out of your new ergonomics chair by adjusting the right settings for more comfortable use and better posture.

There are many ways your body can be affected by sitting all day so we will guide you on how to avoid those problems. You might also be surprised by some of the benefits of proper ergonomic seating. Incorrect sitting posture has been linked to back pain and neck problems. The two most common types of bad posture are slouching and leaning forward with not enough support behind the upper back. The good news is that these problems can be avoided by choosing a chair with proper ergonomics.


Chair Adjustments and Customization

One of the most important factors when deciding on an ergonomic gaming chair is the amount of versatility it has. Different adjustments are necessary to make sure you're getting the most out of your investment.

By being able to adjust seat height, depth, and tilt you are creating the most ergonomic chair that is specific to you and your comfort.

Making the correct adjustments means building better posture and protecting your blood circulation. Beyond customer-made adjustments, ergonomic chairs can also be specifically designed with certain people in mind which can add to the overall comfortability and versatility of the chair.


Adjustable Seat Height

The seat height should be adjustable so that it can accommodate your height. If you're sitting too high or low, the backrest will either push awkwardly against your head and neck or leave a gap between it and your body. This is important because sitting at the wrong height can lead to back pain.

When you're seated, your knees should be about level with or higher than your hips and feet flat on the floor. If not, there is too much stress being put on the spine while also limiting the movement of lower limbs. You need the best gaming chair that lets you move around more so you can stand up with minimal effort. The height of your chair affects other aspects of good ergonomic seating, as well. For example, if you're sitting higher than eye level, it will be difficult for you to read what is on your computer screen.

You can find a desk chair and keyboard calculators online to calculate the best height for you. A good height will minimize the amount of stress put on the knees and lumbar. 

There are different chairs that go beyond simple adjustments and are specifically designed for different types of people. The different ergonomic chairs at APOL are made with that in mind.

For Example:

Sphinx - is designed for smaller customers who want to feel empowered and comfortable. 

Kraken - is body forming and sleek, meant to be felt and hold the customer.

Behemoth - is designed for people who want or need a spacious chair that still offers the necessary support of an ergonomic chair.



Adjustable Seat Depth

Another thing to keep in mind is that the seat depth should also be adjustable. If it's too deep, you'll put extra stress on your back and hamstrings while sitting. Too shallow?

You won't have enough support to keep your spine in good alignment.Your knees should not push against the front of the chair when seated or pressed up hard against its rear legs with feet flat on the floor.Adjustable armrests are also a good idea so you can find one that feels comfortable for your height and position in front of the desk or laptop.

They offer relief of pressure from upper arms, elbows, wrists, and hands while typing or using a mouse. Arm supports should be positioned at about waist level so they don't interfere with shoulder movement.



Adjustable Synchro-tilt

Synchro-tilt is an amazing feature in which the backrest can be adjusted forward and backward. This gives you greater mobility so your head, neck, and upper spine are properly aligned with your lower limbs while seated.

Adjustable tilt tension allows you to find just the right recline for optimum comfort when sitting at an office desk or at home in front of a computer. Tilt tension is an important feature because if the chair reclines too much, it will put pressure on your lower back and hamstrings. If not enough, you'll have to constantly adjust yourself by shifting around or standing up from time to time which can lead to even more problems.

A good rule of thumb is to tilt the backrest so that your thighs are parallel with the floor.

With APOL chairs there is a multi-functional tilt mechanism with two control levers and tilt locking positions on all of their chairs. This gives the user full control over the best position and tilt for them. Their signature memory foam lumbar pillows are also added for maximum support and to relieve discomfort and stress.

This is especially comforting and useful when adjusting synchro-tilt for optimum support.



Adjustable Arm Height

It can be uncomfortable to have your armrests too low because they might get in the way of typing and mouse movements. And this can slow you down considerably.

Arm height should allow for a natural wrist angle - relaxed but not dangling - with hands resting on keyboard keys or mouse while seated at your desk. The correct height will depend on how you position the keyboard relative to your body.

Armrests that are too low may cause strain and stress on wrists, hands, and arms while those that are too high can lead to aching back muscles from slouching forward. The arm height should also allow for easy movement of shoulders when seated with elbows at 90 degrees.

If you're experiencing any of these issues while seated for long periods, it's time to adjust your chair!

APOL ergonomic gaming chairs feature fantastic 4D padded and adjustable armrests. They have four customizable directional functions, as well as, counter-clockwise and clockwise rotations. They're also soft and easy to clean.



Adjustable Back-Height

Adjustable back height is important for two reasons. One, if it's too high you'll put pressure on your lower back and hamstrings while sitting, which could lead to discomfort or a disc herniation. If not enough support, the spine will be constantly strained as muscles try to maintain proper posture during long periods of sitting.

The backrest should be level with the armrests for optimum comfort. And, many people find that having lower back support lets them sit up straighter and provides more stability when they're in an adjustable chair. Lower backs are there to provide cushioning or lumbar support while sitting, which is important if you have disc issues or other back problems.

The adjustable lumbar support in the best gaming chairs should be firm enough to provide relief from pressure on the lower spine and end at about waist level. It should not be low down where it will keep you slouched over or cause more discomfort, especially if you have a herniated disc.



If the seat is too deep for your height, you may need to lean forward before reclining for the lumbar support to provide adequate back support.


Importance of Lumbar Support

Have you ever struggled to get out of your chair after a long session of gaming? This is generally because of a lack of lumbar support. The constant stress of sitting with bad posture can lead to stiffness and pain in the lower part of your spine. A chair with lumbar support allows you to sit with your back aligned with the proper curve in your spine.

When seated, the lumbar support should be flush with the swell of your back to maintain a healthy posture. With the right support, it will alleviate the tension in your spine and give you a pain-free gaming experience.


Material and Feel

Now that we have covered the variety of adjustments that can be made to ergonomic gaming chairs for prime optimization and comfort, it is time to discuss the second most important factor when choosing an ergonomic chair, the material, and foam. The material of a gaming chair should feel great and be durable. The foam should be long-lasting, dependable and of the highest comfort, after all, that is what you'll be sitting on for potentially hours at a time and numerous intense gaming sessions.


Gaming Chair Foam

Ergonomic gaming chair foam can range in foam density and foam firmness or softness. The foam of a chair is necessary to provide comfort and stability. Foam needs to be high quality so that it can withstand a person's weight and movements for long-term use. The higher the density and firmness of the foam the higher the quality and durability. APOL ergonomic gaming chairs use Cloud Tech Foam, a supportive high-density foam that feels soft and bouncy and optimizes ergonomic support.


PU Leather Vs. Fabric

Most gaming chairs are upholstered with PU leather or fabric. 


Pros of PU Leather

  • PU leather is artificial leather made from animal hide that is leftover from making full-grain leather. It is then covered in polyurethane and applied to the chair.

  • PU leather is more affordable and less absorbent than real leather. PU leather is durable and stain-resistant, the material is built to withstand dust, chips crumbs, soda spills, and more so you don't have to worry about damaging your chair because you spilled something while not being able to look away from your screen.

  • PU leather is also easily color died so manufacturers can customize the color and details.

Cons of PU Leather

  • This material is not very breathable. The temperature of the chair will rise the longer you use it and there is no way for moisture to escape to cool you or the chair.

  • PU Leather is durable for long-term use it may not withstand pets and piercing nails.

Pros of Fabric 

  • The fabric is made of a composite of materials that are generally easy and cheaper for a manufacturer to get, so fabric chairs are often more affordable.

  • Fabric is more breathable than PU leather. The woven fabric allows for air to pass through, meaning you are less likely to sweat or feel uncomfortable in the chair even if you play for long periods of time.

  • The durability of tight weaves in the fabric will allow the chair to stay resilient for longer against beatings and animals. It will also allow the chair to keep its aesthetic look throughout its use.


Cons of Fabric

  • Fabric is not as smooth as leather so it might feel less comfortable than PU Leather to the skin depending on your texture preferences.

  • There is more maintenance involved with a fabric chair. Crumbs, pet hair, and liquid spills are harder to get out and clean with a fabric material.


Which One is Best for You? 

If you really don't like maintenance but want your chair to still look good, a PU leather ergonomic chair is probably the best for you. However, if you need breathability, live in a hot region where you're more likely to sweat or have pats, and worry about them messing up your new chair the fabric material is probably the best way to go.

APOL ergonomic PC gaming chairs offer both PU leather and Fabric options for you to choose from and customize your chair for your needs.



Ergonomic support is nothing with the right cushions to go along with it. Lumbar and head pillows are absolutely necessary for the best posture and the most comfortable experience. Memory foam pillows dissolve any stress to the head, neck, shoulders, and back. 

APOL premium gaming chairs supply one memory foam lumbar support pillow and one memory foam head pillow for maximum support. 


Wheel Base and Hydraulics

The wheelbase of any great chair is essential for gaming mobility. Five wheels on the base of the chair and a durable base that connects to the chair will allow for stability and easy mobility. Long-lasting and durable hydraulics allow for safety, stability, and the ability to make all your needed adjustments.

To go above and beyond the competition, APOL uses castor wheels on their wheelbase. These wheels reduce noise and protect floors for easy gliding and movement at any working space.



When buying a premium gaming chair that is more expensive or an investment, you should have a hassle-free experience, the last thing you want to happen is the product being defective or later having something wrong with its functionality. That is why it's imperative to have a warranty on whatever ergonomic chair you get.

For instance, APOL chairs in Singapore have a two-year warranty and chair replacement or a refund up to 30 days after the date of delivery.


Beyond Gaming

In a post-pandemic world, the reality of remote learning and working from home has become a normal thing in most households. An ergonomic gaming chair is built for efficiency and comfortability while gaming. However, characteristics of gaming like sitting for long periods of time are similar if not identical to remote working and learning. Therefore, if getting an ergonomic chair just for PC gaming isn't convincing enough remember that a more comfortable, durable, and healthier chair won't only help the efficiency of your gaming but your work and school as well.



At APOL Singapore, we offer a range of ergonomic chair solutions to suit the needs and preferences of many people. Most of the seats we offer come with the features mentioned above, but we also have additional features that are more high-end, like premium pillows and footrests. Comfortability, functionality, and healthy posture are the characteristics at the forefront of our ergonomic design.

It's important that an ergonomic chair, whether that be for gaming, work, school, or all of the above, optimizes your comfort and convenience above all else. If the proper adjustments can't be made or there is no lumbar support your spine may suffer and so will the quality or efficiency of your work, school, or gaming. It may seem like a small thing when compared to sitting all day long in front of your computer or desk, but being uncomfortable for even an hour can lead to chronic back pain. That said It can be difficult to find the perfect chair features that will offer all the support and functionality you need. That's why we created this guide to help you find the right ergonomic gaming or ergonomic office chairs for you. Now that you have read the entire guide we recommend checking out our store here: to have a look at some of our popular gaming chairs.

While you're checking out our ergonomic gaming chairs from Singapore make sure to also take a look at our different interest-free financing options. We want to make ergonomics affordable and available to everyone with financing, international shipping, bulk orders, affiliate, and refer a friend program. To find out more information visit our website

Remember, your health and efficiency are worth the investment!



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