Working from home can be taxing both mentally and physically. Long hours of sitting at a desk can lead to a sedentary lifestyle that’s bad for your heart and overall health. Now that you’ve got the perfect office chair to help with your posture, it’s time to start stretching away. You can now improve your blood circulation from the comfort of your seat.

The best part about owning an ergonomic chair with armrests and a reclining feature is that you don’t need to leave your seat to stretch. Here are some simple exercises you can do while still keeping your eyes on your favourite Netflix show during lunch.


Wrist rotations

Ideally, you should keep your wrists at a 90 to 110° angle to keep them relaxed. Once in a while, it’s also good to do a few wrist exercises. Here are 2 examples:



1. APOL’s 4-dimensional armrest allows you to extend your armrest forwards so that you’re able to relax your arms. Point your fingers up to the ceiling and pull your hand towards your body until you feel a stretch in your wrist. Next, point your fingers down to the floor and pull your hand towards you. Repeat with the other hand.


2. While your arms are stretched out, close your hands into a fist and rotate them in a 360° manner. This exercise also helps to strengthen your wrist and increases mobility.

Arm stretches

Though keeping your wrists relaxed and strong are important, you shouldn’t forget about your arms either.



1. To stretch your triceps, raise one arm and bend it so that it reaches the opposite shoulder. Use the other hand to pull your elbow towards your head. Hold it there for about 10 to 15 seconds. Repeat on the other side.

2. Raise your arm up towards the ceiling and reach over to the other side. Hold for 15 seconds, then repeat on the other arm. 



Ergonomic chairs are great for fixing your posture and making your work-from-home experience a lot more comfortable. However, your spine still needs a little more help occasionally. By keeping your torso active, it can help with keeping your spine flexible and strong.

Clasp your hands behind your back, stretch your arms out and push your chest out. Bonus tip! Lift your chin up to stretch your neck while you’re at it. Hold this position for about 10 to 15 seconds as well.




The most obvious issue with sitting for long hours is that you are not able to move your legs much. Even though you may be working a desk job, it is still important to keep your legs active. A very easy tactic would be a simple hamstring stretch.

While sitting on your chair, extend your legs at a 45° angle. Reach towards your toes and hold it there for 15 to 20 seconds.



Back + Extras!

If you already own an ergonomic chair with a reclining feature, then there are also exercises that can help with a deeper stretch.

1. All APOL chairs are equipped with a 165° recline that aids in your stretching. Simply pull on the lever on the right and lean back all the way. Stretch your arms upwards to work on your back, torso, and arms. 

2. Another exercise that you can do would be to bring a knee up to your chest to stretch your hip and knee flexion. Hold it there for about 10 to 20 seconds and repeat on the other leg.



Office chairs and ergonomic chairs aren’t only useful when it comes to working from home

While a good chair can help to keep you focused and productive at work, a great chair can help with your overall lifestyle. We tend to forget about simple things like keeping ourselves active throughout the day when we’re rushing deadlines. With these simple exercises and a great office chair, you can still be healthy without leaving your seat. 

If you do not know where to start looking for a good office or gaming chair, APOL offers a selection of ergonomic chairs that aim to improve your lifestyle and health. Take a look at our models and book an appointment to try them out yourself today.


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