Why are ergonomic chairs so important to us now? 

With the current advancements in technology most of us spend our 9-6 work hours sitting in front of a screen and after that we continue sitting down to watch movies, play games or video chat with friends depending on the type of lifestyle we lead.  Although the covid-19 restrictions have been eased significantly, due to the lack of physical interactions in the past 2 years it has become a habit for most of us to spend the majority of our time online. This has raised many individuals' concerns about the wellbeing of their overall health. Fortunately, with the existence of ergonomic chairs our concerns can be taken care of. The facts stated below will allow you to take note on how ergonomic chairs are beneficial for your health.


Reduces Neck and Back pain

The most common cause of neck and back pain is improper sitting habits. For example, when sitting on a non-adjustable chair, we may try to strain our neck to look at the screen in front of us or slouch as we do not have the appropriate lumbar support. However, by sitting on an ergonomic chair we will not have to worry about these problems. The adjustable height of the seat base and the built-in neck rest support features of the ergonomic chair prevent our neck from straining. Furthermore, every ergonomic chair offers lumbar support which takes off the pressure and reduces the tension from our muscles and this prevents us from slouching. 


Provides Posture Support For The Body

Ergonomic chairs are designed with features that are able to support different parts of our body. For example, the lower back of the chair is structured in a way that it curves forward to match the natural curvature of our lumbar spine so that we are able to maintain the shape of our spine as well as protect it. The adjustable armrests provide support for our elbow and forearms to rest on it instead of hanging at our side which causes muscle fatigue in the shoulders and arms. When our elbows and forearms are supported, we naturally sit up straight because of the position of our elbow which prevents slouching.

The adjustable seat height ensures that our legs are not dangling from the chair or we do not have to strain our neck to look at the screen in front of us. Instead, we are able to ensure our chair height allows our eyes to be aligned with the screen as well as our feet are flat on the ground with our hips and knees flexed to 90 degrees. Over time we will naturally sit up right as the habits formed while sitting on ergonomic chairs will become a muscle memory for us.


Better Blood Circulation

From the above paragraphs we know that the key to both posture support and reducing body aches is sitting on a fully adjustable ergonomic chair. Similarly, to have good blood circulation sitting according to the appropriate posture is necessary. For example, our blood will not be able to flow properly if our elbows and forearms are dangling on our sides and do not receive support from the armrests of the chair we are sitting on. When we sit down for long hours and our leg feels numb, it is due to the blood not reaching certain areas of the leg as our feet are not aligned 90 degrees from our waist. Therefore, with an ergonomic chair we receive better blood circulation. 


Positive Impact On Mental Health

The positive physical impact on us caused by sitting on an ergonomic chair has a positive impact on our mental health as well. This is because the comfort and support provided by ergonomic chairs allows our muscles to feel relaxed which improves our mood. When we are in a good mood we become more productive which reduces our stress levels because we are able to finish the tasks assigned to us in time or ahead of schedule. Thus, we do not have to constantly worry about meeting deadlines. This provides us with time to think about other things such as our hobbies or what activity we want to do with our family. This indicates that the stress free relaxed life that we are able to lead is due to sitting on ergonomic chairs. 


APOL Chairs

From the points mentioned above, we can safely conclude that ergonomic chairs are beneficial to our overall health. Now, it is time to think about which ergonomic chair we should get for ourselves in order to maintain a healthy life. My recommendation would be APOL’s ergonomically designed chairs. APOL has 3 different types of ergonomic chairs which are Sphinx, Kraken and Behemoth. All three chair types are made with CloudTech® Foam, and have features such as Multi-Functional Tilt Mechanism, 4D Adjustable Armrests, Full-Length Backrest Recline and Height Adjustable Function. The chairs come with a neck rest pillow and a lumbar pillow which are made with Upholstery Memory Foam.



The Sphinx Series is designed to fit smaller body types with height ranging from 150cm to 165cm and weight below 120kg. This series is made with premium fabric with rich color options to choose from. The slender curves and clean lines define the comfort and appearance of the chair. 



The Kraken series is designed to fit people of an average height ranging from 165cm to 190cm and a weight of less than 120kg. The Kraken series has a body hugging structure which contributes to additional comfort and is the best seller among the other chair models. The series is made with premium fabric as well as PU leather with rich color options to choose from for both materials. It is one of the most sophisticated chairs you will ever encounter. 



The Behemoth series is designed to fit people of a larger build with height ranging from 170cm to 200cm and weight of less than 130kg. The flat seat base of the Behemoth series will allow you to put your leg up and sit with an increased amount of comfort. This series is made with premium fabric and PU leather and comes in the color black.