Most gaming chairs come with slick designs and impressive features. But they also cost a lot more than office chairs, and that has got us thinking - is a $400 gaming chair worth it? Or is it supposed to impress your followers on Twitch during a live stream? This article dives deep into this debate to give you definitive answers.


So, Are They Worth It?

Well, it depends on who’s asking. If you’re the kind of person who sits for 11 long hours a day, buying a gaming chair is a great idea. This seat will support your back, neck and arms and evenly spreads across different body muscles part.

Gaming chairs are not the only way to make your sedentary time more comfortable. Some folks prefer standing desks, others like sitting on medical balls, and the most health-conscious folks among us all have an exercise bike and office chair combination. However, there’s a reason why you don’t see too many of those in gaming stations. Few of them will save you from the excruciating back pain that comes with sitting in the wrong position for an extended period.


Why Pay Extra for a Gaming Chair?

The price of an office chair can be as low as S$80, while the cheapest gaming chair will set you back with the price tag of S$200. That makes gaming chairs twice as expensive as the average office chair, making them seem like luxury items. What you do not know is that gaming chair makers design them with the stylish user in mind, just like what happens with cameras. One person may think their phone is enough to take pictures on a holiday trip, while another will prefer DSLR camera.


They Come With a Game-changing Design

The styling on these bad boys is one of the main things that makes them so popular with pro gamers. They look like bucket seats from a race car, and the game-inspired colour combinations can turn anyone into a super fan. 

While not every gaming chair comes with a well-defined bucket seat, most of them do. The high backrest and support cushions help to keep your back and posture correct, and the height adjustability means the screen will be at eye level at all times. You can also get a rocking gaming chair that reclines. This is one of the unique feature of a gaming chair.


The Comfort is on Another Level

Comfort is obviously one of the crucial factors to consider when choosing a seat. You’ll be sitting on a seat for the entire day, and the last thing you want is to feel the creeping numbness that comes with a poorly designed chair.

Generally, gaming seats are built around the idea of comfort. Manufacturers know you’re spending the big bucks on getting that extra comfort, and most of them live up to expectations. Still, you want to get the right chair for your height and weight. Not doing that could result in back pain and reliability issues.


You Get a Choice of Materials

Like office chairs, gaming chairs come in three primary materials - leather, mesh, and fabric. Every option comes with its pros and cons, so it boils down to personal preference.

Leather looks incredibly nice, and it’s also easy to clean. So, those inevitable spills will not stain or cause any other damage to your expensive chair. But, it is worth noting that most manufacturers use PU instead of genuine leather. This artificial material offer similar visual to genuine, but do have a lifespan especially if the environment is humid and will degrade over time.

Fabric is the best option for people who want a chair that will look great for years to come. This material may not have the appeal of leather, but they are more breathable. They also come in many colours that get user excited. However, the downside is you might get permanent stains if you spill something on it.

Mesh is a plastic or metal plate with tiny holes. It is best suited for areas with warm weather most of the time, as it promotes airflow pretty well. With proper care, mesh gaming seats can last long without having to deal with stains. But, it’s definitely not the most popular gaming seat material. 


Unmatched Computing Ergonomics

Since the introduction of gaming chairs in 2006, thousands of seats have already been tried and tested. That means ergonomic engineers have all the information they need to play around with the designs while keeping the required properties intact. 

For example, the early gaming chair designs did not come with adjustable armrests. Customers complained about this issue, and the engineers responded with an easy-to-adjust setup for the armrest. This lovely addition has become an integral part of gaming chair design. 


Extra Features

The gaming chair niche is quite competitive, and that has pushed manufacturers to be quite creative with their designs. For example, some include high-quality speakers in the headrest to create an immersive experience. That eliminates the need for headphones, leaving your ears open to other types of input. This is particularly important for an office setting where people want to stay connected to an online team and still communicate with colleagues in the office.

You can also get a gaming chair with pad holders, a drink holder, and other accessories. The general idea is to make a chair stand out but still be helpful to the user. These value adding accessories makes gaming chair unique.


Where to Buy a Gaming Chair?

Now you know fabric upholstery is durable, and the size of your gaming chair matters. What’s left is finding a nice place to buy your gaming chair. APOL is your best bet in Singapore because our chairs are designed for comfort and engineered for performance. We have options that can support a weight of 120kg to 130kg comfortably and support people within the 150cm to 200cm range. While that may not include every gamer, most of our clients are within these ranges. For more information, feel free to check us out at


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