Today, more and more people are working from home due to the pandemic. Therefore, the number of people in need of ergonomic chairs has risen as people build their ideal home office. This has brought about the debate of whether gaming chairs are better than office chairs.Most people would pick gaming chairs, and for obvious reasons; gaming chairs are more attractive.

However, we believe the roles of most gaming chairs and most office chairs aren’t interchangeable. And the best choice between the two depends on your needs. Are you a gamer, or are you a professional? 

The following guide will provide you with more information about gaming chairs while contributing to the office chair vs gaming chair debate. This guide will concentrate on premium office chairs since they are the closest challengers to gaming chairs, compared to budget-friendly, regular office chairs.



What’s A Gaming Chair?

Simply put, gaming chairs are specially designed for gamers who spend long periods of time playing video games. The gaming industry has seen the introduction of three types of gaming chairs, namely PC and racing, floor, and rocker.



1. PC and Racing

These are the most commonly used gaming chairs since their seats are off the ground. Their most unique feature is that they resemble the seats in sports cars. After all, these gaming chairs were first designed by a luxury sports car seat maker. They often come with eye-catching designs, padded backs for lumbar support, and usually comes with a high backrest.



2. Rocker

The Rocker chairs typically rock forward and backward because they rest on the floor. The curved nature of these seats makes it easier for a gamer to change their position easily. They are commonly used by gamers who play their games from a distance. On top of that, they are popular among multiple gamers playing in the same room.



3. Floor

Among the three gaming chairs, floor gaming chairs are the most affordable and have the least structure.  They can come in the form of floor cushions or semi-structured rocker gaming chairs. Due to the lack of extraneous features, we recommend these gaming chairs to casual gamers, not professional gamers who spend long hours in their seats.



What Are The Characteristics Of A Gaming Chair And A Regular Office Chair?



When comparing gaming chairs to office chairs, the comparison is usually between PC and racing chairs versus office chairs. That’s because their appearance and functionality are similar. 

In terms of the chairs’ ergonomics, both chairs share some basic structural similarities. They’re all equipped with a headrest, backrest, backrest recline, lumbar support, seat pad, casters, armrests, swivelling bases, and several other adjustable settings.



When comparing the two desk chairs, the design and aesthetics of the chairs have to be mentioned. Most people believe that gaming chairs prioritize design and style over comfort, while office chairs prioritize comfort over design and style. As the manufacturer of gaming chairs, the focus is also on the ergonomic features.

While there are obvious differences in the structure and aesthetics of both desk chairs, both office chairs and gaming chairs are usually designed with ergonomics in mind. The comfort of the gamer or professional is highly prioritized.


Why Are Gaming Chairs Growing In Popularity

Most gaming chairs are easily identifiable since they come in a design similar to luxury sports car seats. The chairs’ colours are bright and flashy and have character-oriented seat covers. Gaming chairs typically have higher backs when compared to premium office chairs.

In terms of comfort, it is a little bit more challenging to discern which of the two is better. However, some claim that premium office chairs are more comfortable than gaming chairs. They support their argument by saying that premium office chairs aren’t limited by any trend; therefore, manufacturers can optimize comfort.


This freedom from trend restrictions allows office chair manufacturers to innovate new seat features such as dynamic lumbar support, 3D headrests, and many more. 

Whether this is true or not depends on personal needs. The needs of a professional and the needs of a gamer are very different and unique. Therefore, today, we’re seeing the development of gaming and office chairs that come with features that are specifically unique for their users. For example, today’s gaming chairs can come equipped with built-in speakers, steering wheel mounts, Bluetooth compatibility, and headphone output. 



How expensive are they?

In terms of price, gaming chairs and office chairs are priced similarly. However, we start seeing a price difference when comparing the prices of the highest quality premium office chairs and gaming chairs. High-quality premium chairs are usually more expensive than high-quality gaming chairs.

Now that we’ve determined there is no outright winner in terms of comfort and affordability, your needs will ultimately carry the day. If you’re a gamer who wants to build your Twitch fan base, then you’ll need to purchase a flashy and trendy gaming chair.



If you require a professional desk set up, not all gaming chair design will suit you. This is because while working from home and if you need to remain professional, some gaming chairs design aren’t exactly professionally looking. 

You will need to be selective about the design. Therefore, an ergonomic office chair could be an alternate option. Their simple and tidy look will make you appear professional when holding video conferences and Zoom meetings.

We believe we’ve given you a better insight into the gaming chair versus office chair debate. And now you can make an educated purchase with no regrets.  If you’re interested in purchasing the best gaming chair, visit our website via this link



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