Working in the office, working from home, and playing video games.

What do all of these activities have in common?

Sitting down in a chair for extended periods. 

We all know the feeling of sleeping at a strange angle one night, waking up the next day, and having your back feel like you just turned 100 years old. But what if you were doing damage to your back without even knowing it? 

Sitting in a chair without good lumbar support for extended periods, day in and day out, can create lasting damage on not only your back but other parts of your body, too. 

In this blog, we are going to answer 3 main questions surrounding lumbar support:

What is lumbar support or back support lumbar?

Why is it important? 

What are experts recommending to make improvements for lumbar support?

Let's dive in. 


What Is Lumbar Support for a chair?

Comfort is the number one thing you want when you sit in a chair. And while a chair might be comfy, it might not have the support you need to make sure your back stays in tip-top shape. 

Lumbar refers to the lower part of your back, which consists of 5 vertebrae. These vertebrae are always under constant strain when you sit down because they are the part of your body that does most of the heavy lifting when your legs are not supporting most of your weight. 

Your back has a natural curve to it, and when you sit down for hours at a time, your body tends to get lazy and wants to slouch to remove some of the pressure those 5 vertebrae are dealing with. 

This is where lumbar support comes in to help your back. 

​Chairs with lumbar support limit the strain we put on our lower backs when sitting down. It helps to keep us comfortable while ensuring that we don't slouch while sitting for extended periods.

Many chairs include accessories that help boost lumbar support. These might include:

  • Lumbar support wedge

  • Lumbar support back roll cushion

  • Memory foam lumbar support

Lumbar support also reduces the heat that is built up while sitting against a chair. In addition, it prevents heat that can lead to discomfort and perspiration from long hours of putting your back against a chair by using breathable, hygienic fabrics. 


Why Is Lumbar Support Important?

Lumbar support directly helps your back battle the dreaded "slouch."

Slouching can cause the same pain that sleeping at an awkward angle can cause and will slowly damage your back over time. 

According to the World Health Organization, over 568 million people deal with lower back pain daily. Many of the issues stem from incorrect posture when sitting down over long periods.

Other health problems can come from continuous slouching, including:

  • Muscle tension 

  • Back pain

  • Joint pain

  • Reduced circulation 

  • Breathing issues 

  • Fatigue  

Lumbar support can help fix and eliminate these health issues by bringing your posture to a more natural position. Getting the best lumbar support pillow can help reduce back issues even more.

A lumbar back support pillow is specifically designed to maintain the natural curvature of your back, reducing discomfort and minimizing the chance of getting injured or experiencing pain. 

Not only should you have lumbar support for your office chair, but if you play video games for long hours, it's also essential to get a strong lumbar back support chair.


What Do Experts Recommend for Lumbar Support?

Chiropractors and doctors see a growing number of back issues caused by sitting in a chair and working long hours from home or the office.

Finding improvements for your posture and increasing the lumbar support for your back is key to making sure your health and comfort aren't affected during long hours in a chair. 

One of the main things you can do to improve your lumbar support is to stand up every hour and stretch. 

Stretching and standing up gives your lower back a break from carrying your body weight when you are sitting down. 

Simple stretches during your long work or gaming sessions can help improve your back's health and make it more comfortable to sit for long hours. 

One of the most important things to getting good lumbar support is selecting the right chair.

According to the Mayo Clinic, your chair should support your spinal curves and be adjustable to your height so that your feet rest flat on the floor or a footrest and your thighs are parallel to the floor.

Most lumbar support chairs come with a few features and options, but a lot of them are removed by the owner after they find out the lumbar support is uncomfortable and irritating on their back. 

So how can you have the best of both worlds with both comfort and fantastic support for your back?


The Kraken is your answer.

Designed by APOL experts, the Kraken has been perfected to be stylish, comfortable, and give you maximum back support. 

Each Kraken chair comes with APOL's signature foam head and lumbar support pillows. These are designed to relieve the discomfort around your neck, head and back caused by sitting for long periods.

The Kraken was designed from the ground up to be sleek but hug your body's natural curves, so you enjoy maximum comfort every time you sit down.

The Kraken also includes a complete multi-function tilt mechanism that allows you to recline up to 165 degrees, meaning you can perform a full-body stretch without having to get up. 

Made from breathable leather, the Kraken will keep you cool throughout your long days working and long nights gaming.

With the best lumbar support, lumbar support cushion, and lumbar back support in the chair business, APOL continues to be the industry leader for both office and gaming chairs. 

The Kraken has over 500 5 star reviews from both office users and gamers alike. It has been rated as the best lumbar support office chair and gaming chair by many of our customers.

So if you are looking for the best ergonomic chair with lumbar support to give you maximum benefits for both comfort and health, the Kraken is the only one you need.

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