Importance of Cooling Office Ergonomic Chair


Singapore has the reputation for having one of the highest yearly average temperatures in the world along with her stifling humidity. As such, feeling uncomfortable and sweating while sitting in an office setting is a common occurrence. While air conditioning and electric fans make the situation better, it is evident that more can be done to achieve a better working environment for a productive day. Ventilation in a closed-room environment is paramount, but sitting on bulky opaque office chairs does not do anyone any favors in terms of skin ventilation. Sweat and dampness will still exist in between the leather surfaces and surface of the skin due to the lack of adequate ventilation in those areas, affecting body comfort as well as the material of the chair in the long run. So what can be done to remedy this lack of ventilation? The answer is owning a chair that is able to lower down our body temperature.


Things to Consider When Purchasing a Cooling Chair

Ergonomic chairs come in a variety of upholstery materials, including fabric, mesh, and leather. As each material has advantages and disadvantages, it is important to test different types of ergonomic office chairs before making a purchase decision, since everyone has different ergonomic chair needs and preferences. 


Types of Ergonomic cooling office chairs


Mesh Ergonomic Chairs

The ventilation provided by mesh chairs brings a lot of relaxation and comfort to the person who has to spend long hours sitting in a day. This is because the structure of mesh chairs allows it to circulate air between the body and the chair more easily as compared to leather and fabric chairs. This quality of mesh ergonomic office chair provides a lot of free space and airflow which helps our skin breathe, preventing the accumulation of heat. Having a mesh office chair will allow us to maintain a thermal balance and prevent sitting discomfort caused by increased dampness at our skin's surface.


Fabric Ergonomic Chair

Chairs that are constructed with fabric-over-foam padding have insulating properties that prevent conduction of heat away from the body. This means the heat energy from the surface of the chair will not be transferred to the surface of our skin. The foam padding is also able to prevent water vapor transfer from the skin’s surface. This implies that even if the weather is hot, we will not sweat or feel uncomfortable if we sit on fabric chairs for a long period.


Body Needs


The amount of pressure we exert to a chair's seat base influences how much heat is transmitted from the seat base to our bodies. This suggests that thermal comfort is different for the various people using the same chair model, depending on how much each person compresses the foam cushions of the seat pan and backrest. This implies that while a certain chair may be comfortable and cooling for some people, it will be unsuitable for others due to their body shape and size.

In order to ensure that you are able to find the perfect chair that is suitable for you, we have done our research and came up with 5 of the best cooling office chairs available in Singapore that you can consider buying for yourself.


Different Types of Cooling Ergonomic Chairs available in Singapore’s Market



The NeueChair is made with NeueMesh™ which is a premium 3-layer mesh created by combining top-grade polyester fibre and DuPont yarn. The chairs have many praiseworthy qualities such as being elastic, breathable and durable. It will also keep you comfortable when you sit on it for long periods of time. The chairs are priced at $1169.


Secretlab SoftWeave® Plus Fabric

The secretlab fabric chairs are made with SoftWeave® Plus Fabric which is constructed by interlacing loops of high-strength yarn fibers. This allows small details to be integrated into every stitch. The chairs have a soft texture and are naturally breathable which means, you will feel cool sitting on it even on hot days. The chairs are priced at $659


Ergotune Supreme V3

The Ergotune Supreme V3 is made with DuraWeave™ which is a Hybrid Mesh Upholstery created from a combination of fabric and polyester in the ratio of 2:1 respectively. Sitting on this chair will allow you to experience the breathability of mesh chairs as well as the softness provided by fabric. The chairs are priced at $599.



APOL Ergonomic Chairs

In APOL, we have a very strict selection of the materials we use to construct our chairs. After conducting thorough research to determine which material will be the ideal choice to provide the best user experience, we decided to select the Superior Quality Ultra-Fine Fabric to create our fabric chairs. Since it is created by the interlacing of polyethylene terephthalate and thin yarn, it is durable and breathable. This specially engineered fabric is incredibly strong yet flexible and complements the natural cooling system of your body as it helps to dissipate the sweat from the surface of your skin. 

Underneath this layer of premium upholstery fabric, our chairs are padded with Cloud Tech™ Foam which is exceptionally soft and bouncy. This foam is precision-engineered to adapt to your body weight, shape and temperature while you sit so that you are able to experience personalized comfort. 

Our ergonomic chairs are available in three different sizes and include features such as 4D Adjustable Armrest, 165 Degree Backrest Recline, Height Adjustable Feature and Multi-Functional Tilt Mechanism. They also come with a Neck rest Pillow and Lumbar Pillow made with Memory Foam. Suitable for alleviating discomfort from your pressure points, you will be able to experience advanced comfort when you spend long hours sitting on our chairs.


Why choose APOL Ergonomic chairs?

Although mesh chairs allow better airflow for our bodies as compared to fabric and leather chairs, fabric chairs are recommended for long sitting hours. The three main reasons why fabric chairs are a better option would be that mesh chairs may end up causing abrasions when used on a regular basis, depending on your skin type and may even cause damage to your clothing. They may also sag over time as the chair's seat base and lumbar support might stretch whenever you apply pressure to them. Lastly, due to the design of the chair, it is harder to clean the mesh chair. 

In comparison, when sitting on fabric chairs you will get to sink into the plush seat base which will give you more comfort. The premium upholstery fabric will also allow the chair to be cleaned easily with APOL’s premium upholstery fabric cleaner. Moreover, APOL’s chairs are priced at $428 which means your money will be worth spending when purchasing our chair. Therefore,  If breathability and comfortability is your highest priority, choose APOL chairs as they will provide you with both.