If you’re a working person, you’ll spend most of your time across the week on your office chair. The shape of the office chair plays a significant role in an individual’s health. With the increasing number of individuals working from home on a part-time or a full-time basis, the need for creating a comfortable working space has been gaining significance gradually. A desirable office chair should increase your comfort and protect you from back and neck pain. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a chair for your office work.


The Definition of Ergonomic Chairs

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Organization, ergonomics refers to the science of matching job demands and workplace conditions with the working population's needs. Ergonomics focuses on how to design and arrange office furniture to create an enabling environment for workers. 

An ergonomic chair seeks to solve the problems arising from individuals' pains and strains using standard office chairs for a long time. The chair is exclusively designed to incorporate features that offer the body maximum comfort and protection as you sit at your working desk. Some aspects that an ergonomic chair has to include:

  • Supporting posture

  • Back support

  • Weight distribution

  • Comfort and movement 

An ergonomic chair is more costly than an ordinary office chair, but it's a worthy investment. It will safeguard your health and enhance your productivity because the comfort that comes with it will encourage you to continue working for long hours. 


Why Do You Need A Comfortable Office Chair?

There are several reasons why a comfortable chair should be a priority in your office. They include the following;


Safeguard Your Health And Productivity

A comfortable chair is defined by how long you can sit on it without feeling fatigued and experiencing neck, shoulder, and back pain. A poorly designed chair is not going to affect not only your productivity but also your health. It would help if you had a comfortable chair to protect your back and neck from pains besides enhancing your work productivity. For instance, highly adjustable chairs meet individual comfort. 


To Protect Your Lumbar

Office chairs are tailored to protect your lumbar, unlike ordinary chairs. Lumbar support is a vital consideration when choosing an office chair. Studies have revealed that chairs without lumbar support force the back of individuals to bend forward in a manner that negatively impacts their lumbar. Dedicated lumbar support office chairs enable the healthy circulation of blood which safeguards your lumbar. 


Enhanced Posture

The most significant advantage of an ergonomic chair is improving posture. It would be best if you had an office seat that can accommodate numerous postures as the need arises. Many people invest in an office chair to achieve maximum comfort in various poses. 


To Replace The Current Chair

The office seat you acquire should last for a considerable time. However, when you’re using a chair for a long time, it may start creating various problems such as making noise when you’re sitting, padding issues, etc. If your chair is not giving you the comfort you’re looking for, you must replace it with a new chair. 


Important Things to Consider When Buying Your Office Chair

If you're planning to procure an office seat, you must consider several things to ensure you get the right chair. There are many types of chairs in the market. Use these factors to select the ideal chair for your office. 


Choose A Chair With Adjustable Height

It's impossible to make an office chair whose fixed height meets the needs of every person. The chair you procure can either be too short or long to work within your office comfortably. You can overcome this problem when looking for your office chair, thanks to the chairs with adjustable height. Adjustable height chairs allow you to move the chair to the most comfortable sitting position as you work on your projects. You achieve optimal comfort when your thighs, while seated, are horizontal to the floor. Settle for a chair with a pneumatic adjustment lever, allowing you to adjust the chair's height to the desired position. 


Adjustable Backrest

Come on! You're spending a lot of time on your chair. Sometimes you'll feel exhausted, and you want to sit in a comfortable position. An office chair with a permanent upright backrest isn't going to give you this luxury. Besides, it would help if you had a chair that allows you to position your backrest to suit your current activity. So try to purchase a chair with an adjustable backrest. The seat should have a lock mechanism to hold the backrest in position and avoid instances of slipping backward suddenly. If you choose a separate backrest from the chair, go for one to adjust with the chair's height. Choose an office seat that you can angle according to your preferences. 


Check the Chair’s Lumbar Support System

An office with a contoured backrest ensures that your back does have sufficient support and the comfort you need while working. Select an office chair whose shape matches your spine's natural contour. A comfortable office seat worth buying offers sufficient lumbar support. Your lower back should remain in a slightly arched position to prevent you from slumping as the day nears an end. Choose an office chair that supports you to sit in a considerably arched position. Reasonable lumbar or back support is crucial in minimizing compression or strain on your spine’s lumbar discs.


The Chair’s Width and Seat Depth

A good office seat should have sufficient width and depth to allow you to sit comfortably. Choose a chair that matches your height and weight. For instance, go for a deeper seat if you're tall and consider procuring one with a shallow depth if you're short. The idea is to get a seat that will allow you to sit comfortably while comfortably placing your back against the chair's backrest with an allowance of approximately 4 inches. The tilt of the chair should be adjustable forward and forth depending on your preferred sitting position. 


Purchase A Chair With Breathable Upholstery And Enough Padding

Materials that allow breathing space for your body will be comfortable enough to prompt you to spend long hours in your office. Working comes with pressure, and you may find yourself sweating sometimes, especially if your office doesn't have an A.C. Sitting on a chair that doesn't have breathing space will make things worse. You don't want to spend your afternoon in an office with a sweaty smell. Chairs made of fabric are the preferred choice here. Besides creating room for space, the padding needs to be as comfortable as possible. When choosing your chair, refraining from buying seats that are either too hard or soft, both extremes will considerably reduce the comfort of your office chair. 


Get for a seat with Armrests

Remember your neck and shoulders strain, especially when you're typing. Having a chair without armrests will increase the pressure on your arms and neck. As you look for the best office chair to enhance your productivity, choose one with armrests. An armrest is going to relieve your neck and shoulders the pressure and strain when working. As a result, you'll feel more comfortable throughout the day. Note that it's essential to buy a chair with adjustable armrests to allow you to adjust them to individual preference. 



Stability and Movement of The Chair

Your office seat should do your work in the office as conveniently as ever. One quality such a chair should have is the ability to rotate with ease.  It should enable you to access anything around your working desk, including around the working desk. A freely moving chair enhances your movement in the office, besides boosting your blood circulation. Also, ensure that the chair has quality wheels that won't damage the floor besides increasing the chair's stability. Check the chair's weight capacity to establish if it's right for you. 


Choosing the Best Ergonomic Chair

The best ergonomic chair is defined by considering several parameters, including individual needs, length of time you spend in your office, and budget. For most individuals, especially those with no history of back problems and posture issues, a simple ergonomic chair will be enough. A simple ergonomic chair is also suitable for individuals that don't spend long hours on their working desks. 

If you spend considerably more extended periods or you've suffered back pain and posture problems in the past, you need a more sophisticated ergonomic chair. Such an office chair should offer more elaborate support and adjustable features. It should also be highly flexible to meet delicate individual needs. 


What Are The Recommended Types of Ergonomic Chairs?

As you embark on shopping for an ergonomic chair, choose one that will redefine your comfort and safeguard your health. Your best office chair should be inspired by elevated design, utmost comfort, and age sensitivity. Here are office chairs to take your office experience a notch higher. 



This comfortable chair is a must-have inspirational item in your office. It can accommodate a maximum weight of 120kg, and its height extends to 165cm. Sphinx incorporates the following unique features:

  • CloudTech Foam: It will enhance your comfort with its tightly packed cells for durability.

  • It features superior quality upholstery to ensure that you enjoy a smooth and comfortable texture besides getting a durable chair.

  • It boasts a 4D-adjustable armrest to enhance customization. You can adjust the armrest in any direction without any hassles.

  • It's equipped with a multi-functional tilt capability to allow backward movement and a lock option.

  • Your floor is safe and movement around your working desk enhanced, thanks to the quality aluminum wheelbase.

  • The chair is made from quality breathable leather uniquely designed to ensure unrestricted airflow to keep you working for longer. 



Interact with superior craftsmanship and innovation with Kraken. This ergonomic office chair is engineered to deliver excellent performance and comfort for individuals who love style. Its maximum weight is 120kg, and the height ranges between 165cm and 190cm. Kraken incorporates the following features:

  • Like Sphinx, Kraken features cloud foam technology to enhance its durability and comfort.

  • It has a four-direction adjustable armrest to ensure that the comfort of your arms is never an issue as you go about your office tasks or retreat for some computer games.

  • Enjoy the quality breathable materials that keep you feeling fresh all day long despite the warm summer temperatures.

  • The multi-direction sliding functions and the clockwise and anticlockwise swings simplify your movement in the office. Get your important documents without getting off your seat.

  • The wooden floor will remain intact as the quality aluminum wheels safeguard any form of damages.

  • The comfortable height and adjustable backrest ensure that quality remains uncompromised.

  • Enjoy Apol’s signature memory foam pillow that makes its office seats lovable. 



Give your office an upgrade with this modern ergonomic office chair manufactured using high-tech. Behemoth is that king-size office chair that you've always dreamed of having in your office. Here is what the chair brings into your office:

  • It can accommodate a maximum weight of 13kg, making it suitable for most people.

  • Another remarkable feature is its 200 cm maximum height. You'll sink into the chair and get that feeling of a chief executive officer.

  • Enjoy Apol’s signature memory foam pillow as you execute your office tasks uninterruptedly.

  • The four-direction adjustable armrest is what you need to reduce straining your neck and shoulders.

  • Swing around the office like a boss as you utilize the chair's mobility to keep everything in order around your working desk.

  • The breathable quality materials ensure that your sweat doesn’t ruin your days in the office. 


Buy an Ergonomic Office Chair

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