How to maintain your PU leather gaming chair

Video gaming has become very popular among the young generation. Video games have shown many benefits like learning new skills, social interaction, and better health.

However, video gaming may require gamers to sit for a long time which may be tiresome. An excellent comfortable chair made of the suitable material is essential to ensure long-time gaming without health challenges like back and neck pain.

Most gaming furniture is made of real Leather made of animal skin, vinyl, fabric, and PVC. Gaming chairs made of Faux Leather is an alternative cheap and non-porous material used to make the faux leather sofa, jean rivets, bags, leather shoes, and faux leather jacket.



Gaming chairs, made of leather, are comfortable and highly beneficial to posture. Regardless of its strength, it's prone to tear and wear. For that reason, handling Faux Leather should be with a lot of care to prevent excessive wear and tear.

Poor chair maintenance may lead to tear and wear, thus losing its value. However, maintaining Faux leather in good condition is not an easy task. Nevertheless, chair owners and users should have the skills to clean the Chair easily.

Below are five tips to keep your polyurethane leather gaming chair in tip-top, long-lasting condition.


Avoid placing it in direct sunlight



Study and gaming desks are usually placed close to the window for a shaft of natural light. If you have your Faux Leather close to the window, make sure it isn't in direct sunlight. The heat and UV light from sunlight can cause the Leather to lose its value through;


Stiffen and crack

Uv light from direct exposure to sunlight may lead to chemical changes of the PU leather's top layer, making the component surface brittle and thus easy to crack and flake off.



When the Leather is exposed to UV light, there is a change in the molecular level due to adverse photochemical reactions. A chemical change in the Leather may make the Chair;


  • To have a chalky appearance. 

  • Color change on the surface of the material


So always remember to keep it somewhere cool or draw the curtains during the day if it's beside the window. In addition, it's advisable to occasionally reposition your furniture made of Leather to ensure the effect of sunlight is distributed equally.


Keep it dry

While the PU leather is water-resistant, prolonged exposure to humidity may still damage and cause the Leather to lose its supple texture. Moist air may harm the leather chair.



Below are the effect of wetness and the top tips to remove it;


Leather Shrinkage 

Unlike real Leather, Faux leather is water-resistant, especially when it grows old. However, like a faux leather jacket, the faux leather collagen fibers in the Chair shrink during the drying process, causing cracks on the surface. Repeated swelling and shrinking of the Leather increases the cracks on the leather furniture, thus making it have tougher grime.

It is advisable to keep your faux leather chair's surface as dry as possible to prevent this kind of damage. Coating with a synthetic spray helps to form a layer that creates a barrier between water and the interior part of the sofa, thus dirt and water droplets spill off quickly from the leather surface.


Changes in Leather's Tensile Strength

Typically, Leather is known for its ability to stretch. Exposure of the Leather to moist may change its tensile Strength making it either easier or tougher to break. Change in tensile Strength may contribute to tear and wear of the Leather; thus, drying is essential. 



Water in the faux leather chair can originate from sweat, natural air humidity, and accidental spills of the liquid on the Chair. Sometimes, it's hard to avoid water from getting onto your furniture surface.

Given our hot weather, it's normal to sweat a bit even when you're indoors. As far as possible, you should avoid sitting and leaning on the Chair if you're damp. If you've spilled liquid on the Chair, the same goes for soaking it up immediately with a dry cloth and soft cloth.  


Cleaning with a slightly damp cloth or sponge

Basically, Like a faux leather jacket, Faux leather is made up of non-porous plastic materials and covered with polyurethane. Being synthetic doesn't mean it cannot attract dust, large dirt particles, Oil, and other stains.



It would help to clean faux Leather maybe once a week with the right leather cleaner. Proper cleaning will prevent;


Oil-based stain and loose dirt build-up

Dust, oil-based stain, dirt, and other larger stains can build up on the clean faux leather chair, which can cause discoloration and loss of its original appearance. Proper cleaning will aid in removing the physical dirt, dust, and oil-based stains, thus preventing loss of its original value.



If the stain leaves an unpleasant smell on your faux leather chair, using an equal part of the water and vinegar to wipe it down using a soft towel can help. In addition, the use of deodorizing agents to spray on your faux leather chair can also help do away with an unpleasant odor.



Since the faux leather chair is made of inorganic materials, some stains may react with the Leather. Such chemical reactions may affect the original color of the Chair. Frequent cleaning and drying with a dry cloth is essential to prevent such.



To get lid of these effects, proper cleaning services with a wet cloth as discussed below are recommended;


Wiping with pure water

Fabric Cloth dipped in warm water is enough to wipe and keep your faux Leather clean and in good condition.


Using warm water and recommended soap In cleaning faux Leather

If soap is a must to use, you can also add a small amount of recommended washing-up liquid in warm water to facilitate the removal of any minor marks or stains. It would be best to wipe it over until the stain vanishes gently. To remove all the soap, use a damp cloth rinsed with fresh cold water to wipe the faux Leather.


Wiping residuals

Leftover residual may be noticed on the Chair, and you need to wipe using a non abrasive cloth and lint free cloth. Alternatively, use of vacuum cleaning machine can be used to remove the loose dust and dirt.



To avoid the effect of humidity on the faux leather chair, you need to dry it with a soft microfiber cloth with the ability to absorb any residual water.



Using a slightly damp microfiber cloth soaked in water works well enough. Avoid using soap or any harsh cleaning agents, which may damage the fabric leather.


Avoid placing sharp & abrasive objects on it 

When new or well maintained, a Chair made of PU leather looks like Leather made of animal skin and thus attractive. Here are the top tips to help maintain the Chair in its original value.



Avoid placing sharp objects on the Chair

Unlike Real Leather, Faux Leather is more prone to tears and scratches. Avoid placing rough objects like velcro or objects with sharp edges like pens on the chair. A slight shift could leave an ugly scratch mark on the Leather. In addition, it is essential not to rub the gaming chair under a lot of pressure.


Keep it off from busy children

To prevent the Chair from losing its value, you should use the Chair away from children who may damage the Chair with sharp items like pencils and which may cause deformity.



Keep off pets with sharp claws

Additionally, Pets like cats and dogs may tear the Chair made of faux Leather with their sharp claws as they sit. Keeping the pet's claws short and blunt and keeping them off the Chair are better options to prevent damages from pets.



Use leather conditioner

Finally, if you're serious about keeping your Faux Leather in prime condition, you can use a special PU leather conditioner.



The conditioner has various advantages on faux leather furniture. as explained below;


Protect faux Leather from dangerous UV lights

Although UV lights will not directly crack or fade the faux leather, they will deteriorate. Therefore, applying a conditioner on your Faux Leather protects the faux leather from UV light deterioration effects.


Help to remove dirt and grain from your Faux Leather

There is some formulated leather conditioner with cleaning ingredients that aid in removing dirt from the surface of your Faux Leather. Therefore, this leather conditioner, when applied, will ensure the faux leather surfaces look clean with a new look.


Protect the Faux Leather from humid conditions

Faux leathers are waterproof due to the synthetic material used in their production. However, a certain extent of perforations may cause water absorption

Therefore, the use of leather conditioner nourishes the faux Leather, giving it a water-absorbent protective layer and thus will not be affected as such by moisture.


Help improve its durability

It becomes brittle and prone to cracking when the Faux Leather gets old. The cracks may become irreparable. Therefore, the use of leather conditioners helps prevent the Faux Leather from cracking.


Treating your Chair with care

As with any furniture, keeping your Chair in good shape and condition means treating it with care. More than cleaning the Leather, you should be sure to handle the mechanisms and levers gently and adequately to avoid wear and tear.


Final Word

The above article has highlighted ways to keep pu leather gaming chair in top condition. Placing your sofa away from UV light, drying, cleaning with the suitable fabric material and vacuum cleaning are the best tips to maintain your leather furniture.