Office woman with back pain

Back pain is the most common problem in modern society. Back problems can manifest as a result of sitting in uncomfortable positions, improper posture, unhealthy everyday habits, uncomfortable chairs, etc.

As these issues are widespread, many people try different methods to solve and relieve themselves.

However, it's hard to change your habits and come up with a solution to back pain problems, especially if you're a gamer who spends long hours gaming and seems to experience back pain frequently.

Purchasing the best gaming chair with a good-quality seat may seem like the only option, but we're here to help you learn about 13 methods for decreasing back pain and achieving significant relief. With a little effort, you can say goodbye to back pain issues and reduce your pain in no time!

Get a Good-Quality Gaming Chair

Finding a durable chair can be pretty challenging. It doesn't matter whether you're looking for a gaming chair for back pain, an office chair, or any other type of chair – you will most likely spend a few hundred dollars on an x rocker chair.

Think about different materials

You may find PU leather chairs with good features for less money, but you might want to determine what you need before looking for the best gaming chairs. Perhaps you might want a fabric chair for better breathability? You might never know until you do your due diligence.

Focus on ergonomics

You might be wondering – are gaming chairs good for your posture? The short answer is yes!

Investing in a good-quality gaming chair with back support, lumbar support, a comfortable seat, a proper neck pillow, a headrest, and support for your arms and legs can increase your chances of solving your back pain problems and poor posture. Thankfully, you may release pressure from the rest of your body and make way for your back to function correctly.

On the other hand, a good gaming chair or office chair can improve your entire sitting posture, making your search for the best gaming chair time well spent.

Console gamers may have slightly different needs

However, console players and tall users may experience challenges while finding the best sitting position and gaming chair for their needs. Therefore, we advise you to find the best with lumbar support and a robust backrest and try to release pressure from your back.


Woman doing an ab workout

Physical activity can help with your back pain in the best possible way! Daily exercise can reduce lower back pain and strengthen your upper body and core muscles, which are crucial for a proper posture.

A good exercise can also help with proper spine posture, as well as provide you with a healthy weight for your body. However, you must ensure that you perform your exercise correctly, as you can further hurt your back.

Strengthening the muscles around your spinal column will position your back correctly and prevent further damage from happening to your back in the future. That's why you need to exercise your whole body and work on your back muscles as much as possible.

Work on Your Core Muscles

Back exercises are crucial, but working on your abdominal muscles can also help you release tension from your back. That way, you can use your core to carry heavy weight and perform challenging tasks that require a lot of strength.

You can work on your abdominal muscles by hitting a gym or having a daily home workout routine. You may also use that time to work on the other body parts that can help you release additional tension from your back.

Core exercises can also help you treat lower back pain and maintain good support for your back. It can also release pressure from your back and spread the energy evenly throughout the rest of your body.

Pay Attention to the Way You Sleep

Women waking up with neck pain

The chances are, you're probably falling asleep by watching TV in uncomfortable positions. We can't blame you, as our bodies can often move in weird ways while we're asleep, but with little effort, you can improve your sleep quality and reduce your back pain.

Try to support your knees with a pillow as it can provide you with proper spine posture. Also, get a good-quality cushion and consider purchasing a good neck pillow for a more comfortable sleeping experience.

You can also start sleeping on your back – it's the easiest way to avoid future back pain and achieve a good trunk posture. While sleeping on your stomach may feel comfortable,  it can cause severe neck pain in the morning and slow down your back pain relief process.

You can also try putting a rolled towel beneath your back to release tension from your spine or use it beneath your neck for head pain treatment!


Manage Your Posture

Keeping a good posture is a must if you want to experience back pain relief. Unfortunately, we're often unaware of how we walk, sit, and hold our shoulders and head. Consequently, we may feel lower back and neck discomfort often.

Don't slouch in your chair

One of the ways to manage your posture is to pay attention to how you sit, and getting a chair with a comfortable seat may help you a lot. Lean back into your chair, and try not to bend your back when you walk. You can also ask a friend to warn you when your back isn't straight.

Sit on the floor or against the wall to correct your posture

The sooner you understand the importance of managing your posture, the sooner you can start working on it. As a result, you can expect a straight spine, pain-free back, and a good posture.

You can also practice sitting on the floor and trying to straighten your back up against the wall. That way, you can quickly get used to straight posture and won't slouch when sitting in a chair.

Stretching Is the Key


Woman stretching outdoors

Every day, we subconsciously activate our back muscles and put them in unhealthy positions. Sometimes, we can even experience pain from exercise. That's why you should stretch your muscles every day.

Stretching your muscles is as important as exercise, although you should know how to do it correctly if you don't want to get hurt. You can reduce lower back pain with several basic stretching exercises.

Make sure you stretch every body part for 30 seconds, as everything is connected to your spine. Don't forget to stretch out your hamstring muscles, as they play a significant role in maintaining a good posture.

Avoid Carrying Heavy Items

Carrying something heavy up some stairs or to another room is something we all have to do sooner or later, but improper body posture can cause serious back injuries. That's why you should know how to position your body when moving heavy objects.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to lift a piece of furniture or heavy bag, you must do it correctly. Make sure you tighten your core and lower back, position your shoulder blades over your feet, keep the feet flat on the ground, and gently pull the weight towards you.

We advise you to avoid lifting cumbersome things with no previous warmup, as you can injure your back and other body parts. You may also feel a sharp pain in your lower back or across your entire body.

Consider Changing Your Sneakers

White Nike sneakers

In some cases, uncomfortable shoes can be why you can't seem to relieve pressure from your back. That's why we advise you to give your best and try to find the best possible shoes for your needs.

If you're a runner, consider finding good-quality run-track sneakers with good shoe inserts for your feet, as you shouldn't feel pain while walking on the floor. You might need to spend a bit more on them, but they can help with your lower back pain.

Hot and Cold Treatment

The number one wellness advice you may come across is to treat your back and relieve the pain thermally. It is a proven method that professional athletes use to relax their muscles and treat the pain associated with their injuries.

Try using cold treatment first, especially if you've experienced an injury. Afterward, you can place a heating pad on your back and relax your muscles. This way, you can release tension from your back muscles and aid the pain on your back.

Take a Break From the Screen

As many people spend a good part of their day in front of computers, mobile phones, and other devices, it's necessary to know when to stop. Excessive device usage can have adverse effects on your back and posture, as certain chairs can turn out to be very uncomfortable.

Also, spending hours in a seated position can cause lower back pain and improper posture. If your work requires you to sit in front of a monitor for a long time, consider purchasing the best gaming chair with good lumbar support for your back.

You should also consider walking more, as it can help you straighten your back and help with weight loss, and don't forget to stretch from time to time when you're gaming or working while sitting.


Woman meditating on a mat

Meditation is a prevalent trend in the fitness industry right now. As many people use it to free their minds, it can also help you release tension from your back and relieve pain from your muscle structure.

Meditation can release pressure and help you focus on your arms, legs, and other body parts. You may also learn how to breathe correctly, release low back pain, stretch your spine, and find the best sitting position.

According to the European spine journal, everyday meditation can offer an immersive experience. Sitting on the floor can increase correct posture and release tension from your lower back.


Woman doing a yoga pose in white room, left hand raised up

Although many people consider yoga a type of exercise, this method can help you maintain a great spinal posture and stretch out your arms, legs, and shoulders.

It can also help you learn how to sit correctly on the floor and release tension from your tight hamstrings. Yoga can also help with your breathing, so learn the basics before you try it out yourself.

And while you're probably used to a chair seat, we would like to encourage you to create a safe space while using the floor. If you experience discomfort while performing yoga exercises, you can always use a rolled-up towel to support your hurting body parts!

Consult a Doctor

Doctor in coat with stethoscope

In some cases, back pain can indicate that you have serious help problems. Therefore, don't hesitate to contact your doctor and consult them regarding pain management, proper posture, exercises that will suit your body type, etc.

Your doctor can also advise treating your lower back pain, removing tension from your head, and supporting your spine. They may also highlight some health benefits of physical therapy and other treatment methods.

Visiting your Orthopedic physician can help you understand the importance of maintaining a healthy everyday routine to eliminate your back problems. While you may think an X Rocker will solve all your concerns, your doctor's advice can help.


If you're a gamer or frequently spend time in front of a monitor with a crooked back, you may experience chronic back pain in your lifetime! While gaming chairs with a high-quality seat may be more expensive, they can be a quick and easy answer to your problem.

You might as well spend a lot of time, money, and effort looking at gaming chairs, trying to find one with a good seat and support for your back. Nevertheless, finding good-quality gaming chairs won't do the job, as you will have to perform the exercise, stretching, and different treatment methods on your journey.

So while you're wondering whether it's better to sit on the floor or in a comfortable seat, you shouldn't forget that your sitting position isn't the only thing that affects your pack.