Behind the scene

The Amazing Secrets To Improve Your Lifestyle


I spend majority of my working time in front of a laptop, seated. Between every few hours I had to keep switching chairs and sitting posture to find that sweet spot for comfort. None of the chairs I own were able to help resolve my back pain and neck aching. Eventually, I had to use pain relief patches (Salonpas and Koyok) regularly. This became an inconvenience to my lifestyle. I knew it was high time I fix this long-term misery of mine..

“I Must Have A Proper Chair to Satisfy my Back Needs!!"

Prior to this, I completely had NO idea on how a mere ergonomic chair is able to make such a drastic change to my life. I am Jason and I graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with Engineering with Business.

The beginning of my journey and how APOL Singapore came to be…

I pretty much swept through the whole of the internet, looking for the PERFECT chair to relieve my pain. From then I realized, great chairs comes at a high cost, more than what I was willing to pay for at least.

A great Idea Came to me....

Instead of looking for it, why not create the perfect chair that's not only comfy and yet easy on the wallet? I integrated my experiences from long hours of sittings and research information, and developed them into a product. I strongly believe that my experience is THE SOLUTION for all of you.


I have tested 20 different prototypes to ensure the best quality available. Alas, we created chairs catering to different sitting postures. The CLASSIC Series offers basic ergonomic features, satisfying your comfort needs. The Sphinx, Kraken and Behemoth chairs cater towards individuals who are more particular on sitting posture and the seat's quality.

You are almost there...

If you have read this far, you know this story relates to you. You are able to relate to my frustrations. Now it's time...

How To Maximise Your Lifestyle

Remind yourself, you only deserve the best. As a business owner and chair user myself, I know your frustrations and pains. We can HELP you. If you truly believe that our chairs can be a game-changer and improve on your focus and work quality, give us a shot. The AUTHENTICITY of APOL chairs will make a big impact on your life. Contact us or visit us to try out the chairs yourself. I guarantee you, you'll have a delightful experience.