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5 Ways To Keep Your PU Leather Gaming Chair In Top Condition

5 Ways To Keep Your PU Leather Gaming Chair In Top Condition

How to maintain your PU leather gaming chair

Gaming chairs, with their firm build and leather upholstery, are not only hugely comfortable, they are also extremely beneficial to posture. But endurable as they are - both build and material - you’ll still have to care for them to prevent excessive wear and tear.

Below are 5 tips to keep your PU leather gaming chair in tip top, long-lasting condition.

1. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight

Study desks are usually placed close to the window for a shaft of natural light. If you have your gaming chair close to the window, make sure it isn’t in direct sunlight. The heat from sunlight can cause the leather to stiffen and crack. 

So always remember to keep it somewhere cool or, if it’s beside the window, to draw the curtains during the day.

2. Keep it dry

While the PU leather is water-resistant, prolonged exposure to moisture may still damage and cause the leather to lose its supple texture.

Given our hot weather, it’s normal to sweat a bit even when you’re indoors. You should, as far as possible, avoid sitting and leaning on the chair if you’re damp. The same goes for if you’ve spilled liquid on the chair -- soak it up immediately with a cloth.

3. Clean it with a slightly damp cloth

You should aim to clean your chair maybe once a week. A quick rubbing across the surface with a slightly damp cloth, or a wet wipe, should do the trick. This will prevent stains and odours from seeping into the leather.

Using a soft - preferably microfibre - cloth soaked in water works well enough. Avoid using soap or any harsh cleaning agents as these may damage the leather.

4. Avoid placing sharp & abrasive objects on it 

PU leather while resilient, are nevertheless prone to scratches and tears. Avoid placing objects with abrasive surfaces like velcro or those with sharp edges like pens on the chair. A little shift could leave an ugly scratch mark on the leather.

5. Use leather conditioners

Finally, if you’re really serious about keeping your PU leather gaming chair in prime condition, you can use special PU leather conditioners.

The conditioner helps maintain a layer of moisture on the leather so it will continue to feel smooth, soft and pretty much like when you first got the chair. This should not be done excessively -- once every 2 months is a good measure.

Treating your chair with care

As with any furniture, keeping your chair in good condition means treating it with care. More than cleaning the leather, you should so be sure to handle the mechanisms and levers properly and gently to avoid wear and tear.

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