APOL Chairs – KRAKEN vs BEHEMOTH (Clash of the Colossal)

Have you ever thought of what are the differences between our signature chairs, KRAKEN and BEHEMOTH? At the recent PC Show, we realised that a lot of our customer are asking this question. So, we decided to address it in a short post. 🙂 You might be wondering why KRAKEN and BEHMOTH shares the same […]

How To Choose An Ergonomic Gaming Chair

How to choose an ergonomic chair
Ergonomics. That’s all the buzz these days with chairs. Every chair that’s more than a red plastic stool will be touted as having an ‘ergonomic design’. Literally every sales person will tell you that – as if it’s some sophisticated, magical word that automatically makes their chairs look better than they really are.

But it really just means that the chair is comfortable and won’t leave you with aches after you’ve sat for a long time. Since the word is being thrown around so much, we thought we’d tell you what to look out for in an ‘ergonomic’ chair.